compilation day!! australia and the uk

making up for some time lost during the file-hosting blackout, here's a hat trick of punk compilations. each of which might have something for everyone, two aussie comps and one from the uk. all of the material here is very much worth checking out, and of special note here is the material presented by the australian x, not the female fronted LA punk band. enjoy!!

on the waterfront vol. 3 (1986)
various artists - on the waterfront volume threeratcat - razorblades
massappeal - no seduction
spunk bubbles - saturday night
hard ons - from my window
happy hate me nots - everyday
love minus zero - wondering why
vultees - money
headstones - just another name for rocknroll

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why march when you can riot - australia sydney compilation vol 3 (1985)
johnny dole and the scabs - living like an animalvarious artists - why march when you can riot
x - home is where the floor is
the hard-ons - school days
local product - die hard
feedtime - don't tell me
bedspreads - face the facts
local product - pig boys
beggars court - chemical slave
the hard-ons - squat house
johnny dole and the scabs - psycho-analyst
x - hate city
beggars court - 3 minute warning
the hard-ons - coffs harbour blues
bedspreads - judge dreadd
XL capris - skylab (son of telstar)
johnny dole and the scabs - stuff your rules
feedtime - small talk
beggars court - lipstick blues
local product - magenta
x - tv cabaret roll

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live at the roxy (1978)
blitz - strange boy
acme sewage co. - smile and wave goodbye
billy karloff and the goats - relics from the past
uk subs - i live in a car
uk subs - telephone numbers
the tickets - get yourself killed
the red lights - never wanna leave
XL5 - here comes the knife
the jets - tv drink
the streets - sniper
plastix - tough on you
the bears - fun fun fun
open sore - vertigo
the crabs - lullabies lie

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