Bowling In Port Charlotte Florida

I'm such a sex symbol.


Boiled Fucking Peanuts!!

From a roadside shack in south carolina, one of my favorite things about touring through the south in the summertime.


broken layout

here i am in west philly, minutes before leaving for our first show of tour and i realize that my custom layout has somehow broken and my page elements were all over the place. good think blogger has some half-decent looking default templates which i can easily revert to for now. i'll tinker more with the layout again when i am back at home in two weeks!!


Columbus Ohio Greyhound


leaving for tour with genghis tron

genghis tron tour poster
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end me, mans, lion of the north @ LOD 07.09.07

yup, the classic porch shot.  mans, end me, and friends.
end me mans porch 7706

end me mans porch 7706 lion of the north 7705 lion of the north 7704 lion of the north 7703 lion of the north 7702 lion of the north 7701
lion of the north 7700 lion of the north 7699 lion of the north 7698 lion of the north 7697 lion of the north 7696 mans 7695
mans 7693 mans 7692 mans 7694 mans 7688 mans 7690 mans 7687
end me 7685 mans 7686 mans 7691 end me 7683 mans 7689 end me 7684
mans | end me | lion of the north


SMD, raw sewage, endless vomit @ LOD 07.07.07