onion - faster

here's one i uploaded for a friend and decided to post since it's already upped.  i haven't been able to find any infos on this band, but i know i do have at least one other 7", maybe two.  the CD was released on crisis records, which, to my knowledge, was a short-lived subsidiary of revelation.  i think i bought this because it was the same label that put out the first farside 7", which i was really into.  this release doesn't fall far from that type of sound, either.  very melodic rock-ish type stuff.  if you're a fan of bay area punk from the early 90s (samiam/jawbreaker) or minneapolis in the 80s (soul asylum/husker du), i think you'll dig this.  if anyone has any more information, it would be greatly appreciated!!

onion - faster
mp3 320kbps VBR [94.64 MB]

01   What Can I Do? (2:82) 
02   What Comes From Today (2:21) 
03   Empty Glass (4:15) 
04   No One's Home (3:59) 
05   The Same (2:91) 
06   3 Or 4 (3:29) 
07   Dreamizer (3:50) 
08   10 Below (3:49) 
09   So Emotional (3:02) 
10   8 Hours To Apathy (2:91) 
11   The Flying Buttress (5:48) 
12   All Falls Apart (3:23) 
13   Words Left At Home (2:60)
14   Over The Fire (3:34)
15   Room (2:86)

you can still pick this up from revelation records online for twelve bucks.  do it.


awakening - demo 1992



(not to be confused with the more recent awakening, from here in columbus, oh)

an historical document in it's own right, a hardcore demo from a band in hazleton, pa back in 1992.  i always wondered what type of underground music happened there before this era, if any.  i mean there had to be something, right?  i completely remember seeing alleyway graffiti there when i was just a wee lad that read PUNK OUT! in red spraypaint on a white wall just behind the main street downtown.  years later when i was a skaterat punker, i would sometimes see this mob of older goth punks that used to hang out, but i was too shy to talk to them.

we always used to laugh about how hazleton was 20 years behind the times with everything, and if hardcore began in 1982, then i would say that this demo from 1992 was way ahead of it's time!!  pioneers of mob city hardcore?  who knows.  i was friends with all the kids in this band, was there when they recorded this demo at the unisound in reading, pa, and always helped drive equipment to the shows.  i'm not sure if the band even lasted more than a summer.  i only remember there being less than a handful of shows and then the band was no more.  such was the fate of most NEPA hc/punk bands from back in the day.

i think there was a big oi! influence in this band, especially with the more melodic edge and gruff vocals.  i think the bruisers were a favourite at the time.  for what it's worth, hardcore existed in hazleton, pa in 1992.  this is a document.

awakening - demo [cassette rip]
mp3 320kbps VBR [30.36MB]

01 shrug
02 rise
03 pale embrace
04 crazy
05 social prejudice

option - not forgotten '91 demo


i'm gonna go out on a limb and say that this tape might very well be THE holy grail wilkes-barre, pa hardcore demo. option (usually along with sideover) played support to just about every major name in hardcore that came through the area during the early to mid 90s, and ventured out of town on occasion as well.  option could headline a bill of all locals and there would be 2-300 kids there, all singing along!! these songs were staples in their super-energetic live set, the choruses often inducing large dog-piles of kids with backwards baseball caps. wilkes-barre has a pretty rich history of hardcore, DIY shows at firehalls, kids doing fanzines, etc. and where most bands and spots were flashes in the pan, option were there through the thick of it, and really deserve their due.  or at least an MVP award for keeping the scene alive all those years.

the inspiration for this post came from EMS's COREGASM blog, where i was delighted to find the option demo that came out in 1993. a tape which i had never actually owned a copy.  thanx, eric!



option - not forgotten '91 [cassette rip]
mp3 320kbps [22.86MB]

01 photo-negative
02 not forgotten
03 mind trap
04 transparent


born bad, search and destroy, reflect, vegetative state @ LOD 06.23.08

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two canadian bands shredded the legion of doom last nite, born bad and search and destroy. born bad stealing the show with their intensely raw energy. both bands sharing most members and other bands' equipment. reflect also debuted some new material, and there are talks of a new demo coming up. long overdue, but better late than never. i'm pretty excited about it. vegetative state opened up the show with their youthful brand of spazzo weirdcore, hope they'll play more legion shows sometime soon!!

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born bad | search and destroy | reflect | vegetative state


mountain asleep, nice people, eric ayotte, saintseneca, stringpocalypse @ LOD 06.20.08

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great show, but failed to get flicks of stringpocalypse since one of their members decided that his penis needed some fresh air. maybe that's grounds for taking lots more pics? i don't know, but flickr has a certain policy that i, myself, cannot dispute.

mountain asleep | nice people | eric ayotte | saintseneca


thou, deadsea, locusta @ lod 06.16.08

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the columbus music scene is usually most notable for all of the hip lo-fi kinda bands that become popular for a minute or two, and yeah they are well-deserving. often overlooked is the columbus metal scene. there are always a solid few top-shelf metal bands melting eardrums from basement to stage, here in columbus. two of which, deadsea and locusta, played legion of doom with louisiana swamp doom rockers, thou.  locusta impress more each time i see them, and opening this show was no exception.  thou doomed up a storm in the tradition of soylent green, eyehategod, iron monkey, etc.  punishing blows to the frontal lobe!!  last, but certainly not least, deadsea melted the walls of the legion with their tasteful brand of avant-prog-metal.  this band could very well be comprised of the most talented, positive, and nicest people on this planet. 

the links:
locusta | deadsea | thou


vile gash, weed steeler, empire @ used kids 06.14.08

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now here's a novel idea, a HARDCORE SHOW at used kids records!! 

nah, actually, it worked out really well, aside from a few bewildered faces. i think it should happen more often. weed steeler are still up to old tricks, even with the new lineup stunts, still worth seeing every time. vile gash thrashed through their usual 5-min-or-so set. empire juggled members of triceratops yet again, this time going for a no-bullshit-all-bust hc approach. kind of a re-take on the triceratops sound, minus the party. i miss the party. BRING BACK THE PARTY!!

your faces in the myspaces:
vile gash | weed steeler | empire


Stupids re-issues just in.

Stupids re-issues just in., originally uploaded by Ed Wenn.

ed shred shows us the recent vinyl and cd re-issues of the stupids' classics. all of the stupids' re-issued output can still be pre-ordered at special prices through boss tuneage, as it officially hasn't hit the streets just yet!!

to this day, the stupids are still one of my most favourite bands ever. i'd highly recommend any and all of this material!!


delay, hot new mexicans, bold slug @ 15th house

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okay kids, last of the photo fucking posts for now. i promise, i just had to get caught up here and i know how much you love reading my blog. my stats graph resembles mount kilmanjaro or some shit. i get more hits than a wheelchair's got seats!! i'm full of 'em, i'll be here all week, i tell ya!

anyhow, last nite i pedaled a few blocks over to the 15th house to check out a few bands from athens, ga. could very well have been chattanooga bands if you asked me. not bad in that sloppy-punk-cuz-i'm-drunk-but-fuck-it-it's-DIY kinda way. the bands were bold slug and hot new mexicans. there was an opener that i missed and didn't catch the name, and of course, then there was delay. you can somehow count on delay to always deliver the goods. how can you not when these kids are as positive as they are. i only wish i knew the words to all their songs like all of their other fans do.


also, check out bret's blog, the black cloud.  he lives at the 15th house and takes really sweet photos!


black dove @ 15th house, columbus ohio 06.01.08

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local shredding heroes, black dove, brought their tour with france's own d-beat dis-dudes, gasmask terror, to the 15th house. i arrived just in time to catch a gander at gasmask terror and then all of black dove's set. didn't get there early enough to secure a spot up front, so unfortunately i do not have any flicks of gasmask terror. i know, i know - BOO HOO!! gasmask terror were pretty much what you would expect, ripping d-beat, and then black dove delivered the brutality, fo sho!!!

melt your face.

the ear the eye and the arm, beltone suicide @ LOD 05.27.08

the eye the ear and the arm, belltone suicide 9244

 the ear, the eye, and the arm are an avant-indie/prog trio that will blow your mind, and not just for the amount of amplifiers they can carry into your basement!!  belltone suicide are a noise duo that will pretty much blow everything else.  that wasn't supposed to sound like a bad joke, but what i meant was that they also rule, too. 

tin armor and le vansona played this show as well, but i didn't get any pics either of those local yokels.

connect!  connect!
http://www.myspace.com/belltonesuicide | http://puzzle.suchfun.net/belltone_suicide
http://www.myspace.com/tinarmor | http://www.tinarmor.com

billy mack collector @ legion of doom columbus ohio 05.20.08

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the parade of wonderful, interesting, and infinitely nice people, not to mention talented musicians to storm through the legion of doom is never-ending. i set up a last-minute show for billy mack collector and and bunch of kids from the vietcong schoolhouse came over for such a fun time. billy mack collector is a project by one, billy mack, with a bunch of others he collects to play out his acoustic jamz on all sorts of strings, accordion, marimba, ukulele, and lots of awesome toy instruments. if you are an enemy of fun, i'd strictly advise you to steer clear of this band!! check out their myspace if you are a fan of fun, or adventurous in your musical taste.

suzy wong and the honkeys, biff boff barf @ LOD 05.18.08

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suzy wong and the honkeys raged legion of doom, with local ejaculators biff boff barf, mid-may and were some of the nicest people going, i surely hope they come back again real soon. check 'em out if they ever come to your town.  keep your eyes peeled to their myspace for new music and tour dates.

SFN @ legion of doom, columbus ohio 03.28.08

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SFN played the legion of doom a while back and had the photos on my camera for what seems like forever. now you get to view them, lucky you!
check out the myspace for some sick PV jams.