sharing is caringwell, my previous free file hosting company shit the bed and nuked my account, including all of my files hosted there without even as much as a warning. 

i will try to restore the dead links with a more aptly suited upload scheme.  if anyone has any possible suggestions for a new free host solution, please comment and let me know!! 

in the meantime, also please let me know if there's a download you'd particularly like, please mention it in the comments and i'll tend to that post more immediately.


Anonymous said...


better use


They don't delete files and they are super fast/no download limits.


jimmybuttons said...

thanx!! i'll check into it!!

jimmybuttons said...

the wonderful sharebee service takes your file and uploads it to four different hosts. badongo included.
the downloader has the choice of which service to use and can skip to another if the link has expired.

good to know the badongo link will be immortal!!

Rrrrringo!!! said...

Damn, another good blog I almost missed...
Any chance to see the Hard-Ons/Stupids-Split again? Chemical People?
oh, and Aphrodite's Child 666?


jimmybuttons said...

hey thanx for the comment! i'll surely re-up those for you... stay tuned!!