stupids/hard-ons - no cheese 10" - food-core as a genre??

stupids/hard-ons - no cheese 10in01 no reason (minor threat)
02 this is the norm? (stupids)
03 fun (trad.)
04 let's go (ramones)
05 walk all over you (ACDC)
06 C.I.D. (uk subs)
07 nuf (trad.)
08 all set to go (hard-ons)

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australia's hard-ons team up with english skaterock goof-balls, the stupids for an 8 song /10 inch slab of banana yellow food-core vinyl. this record is often mistaken for a split, which is not the case on this particular platter. the idea was to make a record souvenir for their "high-way to hell" tour, with both bands collaborating in the studio. sort of creating the proverbial voltron of goof-ball hardcore punk, if you will. the result was four cover versions (minor threat, ramones, ACDC, and UK subs), one of each of the bands' originals, and two pisstake joke "songs" in the tradition of napalm death/sore throat etc.

both of these bands are among my favourites, simply due to the sheer amount of fun that comes through in the style and recordings. they're kinda hard NOT to like. check out this video, too:

hard-ons - something about you

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