bedford - crappy xmas tape

bedford tour 14

happy holidays!

here we have a rare treat from northeast PA's most favourite pop-punk band during the mid to late 90s, bedford. i'm not sure exactly what year this came out, but i'm thinking 1998 or 1999, and as far as i know, the songs were recorded for a tape to be given away at one show around the holidays. despite this ultra-limited cassette release, a year or so later, there was an even shorter run of the same songs on CD-R format.

bedford pull out all the stops on this lo-fi stocking stuffer.  if you're not familiar with bedford's brand of punky rock, imagine taking that old record reviewer's blender and inserting equal parts elvis (fat AND skinny, but mostly skinny), elvis (costello, this time), buddy holly, husker du, action patrol, and doc hopper, blend until smooth, and there you've got a close approximation to the bedfords, as they were sometimes affectionately known.

bedford - crappy xmas tape
mp3 320kbps VBR [14.67 MB]

01 silver bells
02 hurry xmas
03 (night before xmas) sleepwalk
04 hawaiian xmas
05 santa claus is coming to town

members of bedford went on to form an albatross, a highly progressive grindpunk mindfuck synthrash ensemble, as well as the swims, and maybe some other bands you should find out your own damn self!  ha!

ps. the songs are labeled and tagged incorrectly, so FUCK YOU! ;D

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Anonymous said...

I totally forgot this existed. I think this is surpassed only by King Diamond's no Presents for Christmas as my favorite Christmas music.