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Sorry - Imaginary Friend
Die Kreuzen - Cows and Beer
via Seeeing Red

va- Chaos of Destruction
Acid - "Shock Troops" LP (1989)
decry - japanese LP (1985)
via Only-In-It-For-The-Music

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - “Talk About the Weather”
West Coast No Wave (UJ3RK5, AKA, Monitor)
X-X “discography”
via Sector 2814

MEDIEVAL- s/t Cassette Album (selfproduced, USA, 1983)
via Good bad Music for bad, bad Times!

Slade - Cum On Lets Party - Live In London 1975
The Rolling Stones - Nasty Muisc, "The Never Released 1972-1973 Live Album" (2 CD, remastered)
via Shakin' All Over!

The Introze - S/T 7″
Swindled - Products Are Swindled Throughout The World 7″
via Killed By Death Records

The Verge - Habitual ep + 1 (1983)
Junk Monkeys - Five Star Fling (1991)
via Wilfully Obscure

The Soft Boys "Give It To The Soft Boys' 7" (1977)
via thee head vein

The Subjects
via Last Days of Man On Earth

Morly Grey - The Only Truth (1971 US Heavy Psych-Prog Rock - with bonus tracks!)
Pretty Weapons - Pretty Weapons (2006 US Heavy Fuzzy Psych Rock)
via Heavy Rock Spectacular

Gauze - City Rockers Compilation (1982)
via Fight Against The Plutocrats:A Punk Music Blog

My Bloody Valentine - You Made Me Realise
via Hardcore for Nerds

slack - cassette

the post with the three shades of dirty demo solicited some really nice responses, including some from the original members of the band, to whom i've corresponded with a bit, clearing up some of the lineup mystery. namely colin meeder, who is currently involved in an experimental project, entitled write that down, playing trumpet, bass, and performing vocal duties. really good dynamic stuff. be sure to check it out!!
i also garnered a response requesting to post the tracks from the slack cassette, which was also another hated-related project, also featuring dan littleton and colin meeder. much like the three shades demo, the internet is a black hole on any information. the slack material is much like the three shades stuff in the vein of well-presented early 90s indie/alternative, with female vocals presented by jenny toomey, co-founder of DIY DC label simple machines and executive director of future of music coalition, also in washington, dc. some of her other musical projects included tsunami, geek, liquorice, and grenadine, most of which had releases on the simple machines label.

from the tool cassette series page on the simple machines website:
Tool 2: Bates Stamper, Band: Slack - Another Toomey project, this one with Dan Littleton from Ida/Liquorice. Slack was essentially a side project for Jenny and Dan, who were often busy with other bands and only had a limited amount of Slack time. They recorded together but only played a couple of shows before Slack got put on the back burner. With no fan base at all, a full release was a bit ambitious. Instead, Slack's songs ended up as Tool 2, Bates Stamper. Slack eventually transformed into Liquorice.

and why these cassettes are fairly hard to come by:
We started the Tool Cassette Series back around 1991 as an experiment and as a way we could keep some great music "in print" on an as-needed basis without having to spend a lot of money pressing records or CDs, since we dubbed the cassettes as the orders came in. For a long time, this was a manageable and fun project - with 5 cassette decks in the basement and a lot of volunteer help, we kept up with the orders. But everything changed when, first, Nirvana got big enough that the Late tape got some notice, and even more when Dave Grohl released the Foo Fighters record in 1996. Suddenly he was mentioning this post-Scream/pre-Nirvana cassette of his great solo songs in a lot of interviews, and we were flooded with orders, like 100 a month. With very little help and deteriorating master cassettes, we got in touch with Dave about getting the master tapes back together and trying to release the cassette as a CD, not as a quick profit maker, but more to keep up with the demand. Dave was more interested in keeping it as a cassette, so we have honored his wishes.
We tried to keep up, with a caveat that it might take a while to get the cassettes since we had so many orders. But when our two master cassettes for Late came to the end of their useful lives, and with some of the other eight cassette masters in the same condition, we decided to remove the whole tool cassette series from our mailorder. It was good while it lasted.

now i really wanna hear that fabled dave grohl/late! tape. time to start digging!!

slack - cassette
mp3 320kpbs vbr [42.38 MB]

01 bates stamp [03:58 8.68MB]
02 word traffic [02:55 6.55MB]
03 shrunken head [03:45 8.46MB]
04 glass man [05:14 10.5MB]
05 basket case [03:45 8.18MB]

if you like what you hear, please check out the simple machines catalog and purchase some of the available titles.

three shades of dirty - paper roses demo cassette

here's the first of two reposts that have been requested, and since they came from my old blog, i am going to re-up the entire thing for all of the new readers.  enjoy, it's a good one!!
three shades of dirty are one of those bands that the internet is just a black fucking hole for any information on whatsoever.  what i do know, as would anyone else who recognizes the name, is that the band was a sort of one-off/side project of dan littleton after the 1989 split-up of the hated, his legendary DC-styled punk band from annapolis, md.  this recording was only released as a  cassette on the vermin scum label and was dubbed for me back in the mid-90s, from my good buddy punk roge.  we were on a BIG hated kick for a while, chopping veggies for the davis, ca food not bombs on sunday mornings and blaring tapes of the hated.  after which, one fateful sunday afternoon, roge dug up a dusty old box of cassette tapes and popped in this very demo for me.  and history was made.

this band was a very good logical extension of the hated, catchy and melodic, but this time leaning more towards rock than punk.  the lyrics blend the perfect amount of personal and political.  rain like the sound of trains may be the only fair reference i can make, who may very well be another great DC band that is often missed by the radar.  i think my favourite song here is the last track, dancing song - an acoustic number.  i dare you to remove the chorus from your brain after just one listen.  this is one of the songs i might sing in the shower or while driving along in the summer sun with the windows down.  "might," i said...

three shades of dirty - paper roses demo cassette
mp3 320kbps vbr [57.8 MB]

01 needing ground [03:25  7.72MB]
02 shelterless and dry [03:20  7.35MB]
03 stalemate [04:07  9.05MB]
04 first fall is fall [03:37  7.59MB]
05 for the meanwhile [02:29  5.56MB]
06 doris and frank [04:05  8.95MB]
07 dancing song [05:31  11.72MB]

see also:

the hated - wikipedia
the hated - discography/tribute
the hated - on KFTH
the hated - myspace tribute
ida - what dan littleton has been up to all these years

also included on the dubbed tape from which these mp3s were ripped was the slack tape (another littleton project) as well as the hated's awl cassette, which was #3 in the simple machines tool set series.  i can post those as well if there is interest.


mp3 blog roundup

here's the stuff i recommend from this week's feeds.  i'm not going to link to blogs that don't spend time on quality posts.  it's one thing to not have any valid info about a band, but to create a blog for posting music without as much as a few words about your posts.  that's just lazy!!
enjoy, comment, and purchase it if you like it!!

New York Dolls 'New York Dolls' double LP (1977)
The Wailers 'Outburst' (1966)
The Mummies 'Shitsville' 7" (1990)
The Dream Syndicate 'The Days of Wine and Roses' (1982)
Love (1966)
via thee head vein

The Box Tops - The Letter/Neon Rainbow (1967)
via Garden Of Delights

Mecht Mensch - Acceptance E.P.
Asshole Parade - Student Ghetto Violence
via Seeeing Red

MX-80 extravaganza
Sun City Girls - 1st LP
via Sector 2814

SHITLICKERS- Cracked Cop Skulls 7″EP (Malign Massacre, Sweden, 1982)
AGNOSTIC FRONT- United Blood 7″EP (AF, USA, 1983)
via Good bad Music for bad, bad Times!

LES SHÉRIFF: (1989) - 3, 2, 1, Zéro!
SCREAM: Still Screaming & This Side Up
COCK SPARRER: Chip on My Shoulder
via Hangover Heart Attack

Rudimentary Peni - Death Church demos
via Cult Punk

Hated - S/T 7″
The Latin Dogs - Warning! E.P. 7″
via Killed By Death Records

via 7inchpunk

The Conversions - Prisoners Inventions
Descendents - ‘merican (EP)
7 inches of Dickies
via Born In The Basement

The Scruffs - Teenage Gurls (recorded 1979, released 1998)
The Meices - early singles (1991-92)
via Wilfully Obscure

Helpful Soul - First Album (1969 Japanese Heavy Psych Blues Rock)
Young Flowers - Blomsterpistolen (1968 Danish Heavy Prog-Psych Rock)
via Heavy Rock Spectacular

This is Phoenix not the Circle Jerks
Mighty Sphincter 7inch EP
The Brainz - Elementary Monster / Terra 7inch
via Last Days of Man On Earth

befour three o'clock - happen happened
the only ones - special view
via anthems from the alleyways

The Monkees - 5 albums [Remastered & Expanded editions]
via Shakin' All Over!

MIA "After The Fact"
Mad Parade "Re-Issues"
via Punk Not Profit

brain handle, reflect @ carabar 11.17.07



mp3 blog roundup

again, so much out there.  the following are lentil nightmare approved!!  check into it...

DUST – DUST – 1971 (US) hard rock
DUST – HARD ATTACK – 1972 (US) hard rock
CURRENT 93 – EARTH COVERS EARTH – 1989 (UK) psychedelic dark folk
CURRENT 93 – OF RUINE OR SOME BLAZING STARRE – 1994 (UK) psychedelic dark folk
CURRENT 93 – THUNDER PERFECT MIND – 1992 (UK) psychedelic dark folk
SOL INVICTUS – KILLING TIDE – 1991 (UK) psychedelic dark folk
SOL INVICTUS – KING & QUEEN – 1992 (UK) psychedelic dark folk
SOL INVICTUS – DEATH OF THE WEST – 1994 (UK) psychedelic dark folk
SOL INVICTUS – IN THE RAIN – 1995 (UK) psychedelic dark folk
via orexis of death

MC5 'Kick Out The Jams' (1969)
MC5 'Back In The U.S.A.' (1970)
The Scientists 'Pissed On Another Planet' (1989)
The Velvet Underground 'White Light/White Heat' (1967)
via thee head vain

REBELS- Artificial Insemination 7″EP (Musk Project, Switzerland, 1979)
POISON IDEA- Darby Crash rides again 7″EP (American Leather, USA, 1989)
ARTICLES OF FAITH- Wait 7″EP (Wasteland Records / Affirmation Records, USA, 1983)
via Good bad Music for bad, bad Times!

BRATMOBILE: Girls Get Busy
J.F.A.: Concrete Waves
THE TESTORS: Complete Recordings 1976-79 (2 CDs)
SNUFF: Disposable Income
the GC5: Kisses from Hanoi & Horseshoes & Handgrenades
999: Concrete
the ADVERTS: Cast of Thousands
ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT: American Paranoia & More
via Hangover Heart Attack

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - Rock ‘n’ Roll With The Modern Lovers
The Fugs - Virgin Fugs (ESP-Disk)
Budgie - The Last Stage
Budgie - We Came We Saw (BBC Live Recordings, 2 CD)
Budgie - If Swallowed Do Not Induce Vomiting (EP)
Thin Lizzy - Black Rose (Remastered)
Thin Lizzy - Live and Dangerous (Remastered)
Thin Lizzy - Fighting (Remastered)
Thin Lizzy - Thin Lizzy (Expanded Re-issue)
Neu - Neu 1 & 2
Slade - Wall of Hits
Slade - Keep Your Hands off my Power Supply
Slade - Return to Base
Buzzcocks - Product (3 CD Box Set)
X - Beyond and Back, The X Anthology (2 CD)
Wreckless Eric - The Wonderful World Of Wreckless Eric
via Re-upped!


Datura Seeds - Who Do You Want It to Be? (1989)
The Germs - GI rough mixes
Numbers - Add Up (1979)
via Wilfully Obscure

Decry - Falling
via Last Days of Man On Earth

Terrorizer- World Downfall
from Seeeing Red

Flesheaters - S/T E.P 7″
Anakonda - S/T 7″
via Killed By Death Records

Cheater Slicks - Walk Up The Street

Far East Family Band - "The Cave" Down To The Earth (1974 Japanese Space Prog-Psych Rock)
Far East Family Band - Nipponjin (1975 Japanese Space Prog-Psych Rock)
Far East Family Band - Parallel World (1976 Japanese Space Prog-Psych Rock)
Far East Family Band - Tenkujin (1977 Japanese Space Prog-Psych Rock)
Raven - Back To Ohio Blues (1975 US Heavy Bluesy Psych Rock)
via Heavy Rock Spectacular

also, if you choose to download from any of these sites, please be so kind as to leave a nice comment there.


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