cola freaks, forever, shannon and the clams, cars can be blue, jelly hearts, ignorant motherfucker @ monster house 10.18.08

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after a bit of musical chairs for a last-minute space for cola freaks to play, we ended up adding them to a monster house show after broke as a joke canceled an hour before the show was to begin at the legion of doom.  even already with five bands, the monster house show actually worked out really well.  each of the other bands were really good and the entire evening kept with an extremely positive vibe.  cola freaks capped off the evening and melted minds.  my favourite of the other bands were called forever, and sort of had a tilt meets x kind of sound. plus, they ended their set with a cover of academy fight song by mission of burma, which was really nice to hear. 

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shannon and the clams | ignorant motherfucker | the jellyhearts | forever | cars can be blue | cola freaks


pierced arrows @ beachland tavern, cleveland oh 10.13.08

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took a short roadtrip to cleveland this week to see pierced arrows play at the beachland tavern.  the more than two hour ride wasn't nearly as annoying as it usually could be, although i didn't have to drive so that part was really awesome.  upon arriving, we were met with two unexpected carloads of friends from pittsburgh, and shortly thereafter, another carload from columbus.  the sad part was, that together, our formed voltron of rock-hungry punks outnumbered the locals present for the show.  it didn't matter though, after anxiously waiting through two opening bands, pierced arrows still played with the ferocity and fervor of a packed ampitheater.  i was seriously floored by the performance.  i couldn't help but even be somewhat intimidated knowing the long rock legacy of toody and fred cole, despite how amazingly humble and personable these souls completely are.  for more info on said legacy, check out the unknown passage: the dead moon story DVD.  i picked one up after the show, and can't wait to crack into it.


photos: boom boom kid, samothrace, an albatross, and more!

too many amazing shows this week, so you get one post instead of a flurry of smaller individual posts.

boom boom kid, samothrace, empire, lose the tude @ lod 10.08.08
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an albatross @ summit station 10.07.08
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heath deadger, ignorant motherfucker @ lod 10.06.08
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and now having said all that, i'm off to catch lemuria, gordon gano's army, and the sidekicks at the monster house! cheers!


screaming females, cop on fire, nukkehammer, night of pleasure, reflect @ lod 09.30.08

screaming females 9998


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fantastic show with a largely varied bill at the legion of doom.  nice turnout with lots of new faces.
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screaming females | night of pleasure | cop on fire | reflect