another catching up/recap post aka yup, i'm still here!

columbus DIY is raging hard into the summertime now. the basements are steamy and the shows are many. every band is on tour this summer and columbus happens to be one of the treasured staples of tour. (let's try not to mention how spoiled our scene is currently.) lots of new bands bubbling up, and things are surprisingly staying fresh and interesting. here's some of my recent flicks from a couple of shows, please follow the links to see more!!

painkiller 2200
painkiller @ crackhouse 05.12.09

defiance, ohio 2120
defiance, ohio @ skylab 05.04.09

the effort 2323
the effort @ LOD 05.20.09

heath deadger 2429
heath deadger @ monster house 05.23.09

nukkehammer 2566
nukkehammer @ 15th house 06.05.09

able danger 2634

mr. meowgi 2484

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justin said...

Glad to see/read you back Jimmy or at least this manifestation of you. Sort of taking a break myself. Cool to see a pick of Nukkehammer, you turned me onto them a while back. Glad to read the scene is going strong in your neck of the woods.