beatbox!! - two demos

last week, wilfully obscure posted a cd by the high speed scene, a band to whom i'm partially acquanited with mainly through their guitarist, max hart, who i had met when i lived in davis, ca. davis was a sort of small college town, with a sort of large university. the town was quite bike-friendly, and there were all sorts of resources for the young and punk. one of which was the teen center at third and b, maybe not where i met max, but where plenty of all ages shows happened. i believe that max was involved in setting up some of the shows and his band, beatbox, would have ended up playing a handful of shows there as well. beatbox played (mostly) hardcore/punk with a smartass skateboarder's perspective and bivouac-era jawbreaker sensibilities. i say mostly because they seemed to keep a loose definition of "beatbox," and even recorded a straight smooth-jazz track at the end of the second demo.

these tracks are ripped from a cdr that didn't have track listings, very much akin to the first dub i had of the first beat box demo. so as far as song titles go, your guess could be as good as mine. perhaps maybe someone can fill us in!! these 15 tracks comprise the two demos that make up the entire beatbox discography. the second of which i'm not even sure had a proper release.

mp3 128kbps CBR
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severe, dismal, weedsteeler, nautical hyperblast, broke as a joke, rager @ monster house 09.30.07

severe 8064

severe | dismal | ragerbroke as a joke | weedsteeler | nautical hyperblast

dismal 8068 dismal 8067 dismal 8066 severe 8065 severe 8064
severe 8063 severe 8062 severe 8061 severe 8060 severe 8059
rager 8058 rager 8057 rager 8056 rager 8055 rager 8054
tall rob eating pizza 8053 weedsteeler 8052 weedsteeler 8051 weedsteeler 8050 weedsteeler 8049
weedsteeler 8048 broke as a joke 8047 broke as a joke 8046 broke as a joke 8045 broke as a joke 8044
broke as a joke 8043 broke as a joke 8042 broke as a joke 8041 broke as a joke 8040 nautical hyperblast 8037
nautical hyperblast 8039 nautical hyperblast 8038


the leftovers @ stinkhouse 09.28.07

the leftovers 8035


the leftovers 8036 the leftovers 8035 the leftovers 8034 the leftovers 8033 the leftovers 8032
the leftovers 8029 the leftovers 8030 the leftovers 8031 the leftovers 8028


the weekly trip around the mp3 blogosphere

st. vitus mania!! [1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8]
via orexis of death
doom, doom, doom and more doom!!

ZYKLOME A - Made in Belgium LP
via carry on screaming
1984 hardcore punk from belgium, you may know 'em from their contribution to the pusmort compilation "cleanse the bacteria."

13th Floor Elevators - Live at Avalon Ballroom, SF., 1966
via re-upped!
7 song boot from these texas psych legends. viva roky!

confuse - spending loud night
via Only-In-It-For-The-Music
slobodan burgher never disappoints. come listen to raw fucking japanese buzzsaw thrash.

Swell Maps - Whatever Happens Next...2xLP (1981)
via Wilfully Obscure
collection of rare demos, art-punk/post-punk.

Riot.303 - Crowd Control 7inch
via last days of man on earth
pre-beyond possession, this calgary, alberta punk band contributed songs to the first thrasher skate rock compilation.

The Lizerds - S/T 7″
via killed by death records
a rocking 2-song 45 from 1981. noisy, raw, catchy. KBD certified!

TNT- s/t 7"EP (Voxpop, Switzerland, 1979)
via Good bad Music for bad, bad Times!
female-fronted 70s LA punk. good stuff!!

FEAR OF GOD- Konserven 7″EP (Two Sheds Records, Switzerland, 1993)
via Good bad Music for bad, bad Times!
posthumously released ep of this swiss grind band's first demos, some of the earliest grindcore recorded!!

GG Allin (With ANTiSEEN) - Murder Junkies
via born in the basement
scumfuck tradition, oh the absurdity!! but SO GOOD!!

skateboard kings - 1978 british dogtown doc

cropping up well after all the hype of the z-boys movie and recent dogtown docs, this film is the missing piece of the puzzle. so much so, that it probably should have been included as a dvd extra, or perhaps it will be released one day on its own. either way, this is a groovy trip back to the days of banana boards and concrete skateparks.

i think they did a pretty damn good job capturing the whole feeling of the period and the personality of the skaters. so well done it makes a great general interest piece and not just for skaters. watch all of the movers and shakers of the early dogtown scene. cross the desert to the giant pipes of arizona!! visit the skateparks, pools, magazines, shops, and manufacturers of the late 70s. cult in status, i believe the movie thrashin' stole it's opening sequence from this doc. watch and see.



some punk zine action - hard times vol. 1 no. 5

hard times vol. 1 no. 5over the years, the punk fanzine has gone the wayside (unfortunately), with the advent of the internet, in favor of websites, blogs, file-sharing, etc. searching out fanzines and reading them intently from cover to cover was a crucial part of many punkers' formative stages.

factsheet five was a wonderful magazine that was published four times a year and served as a rudimentary networking hub for all kinds of underground media. i awaited each issue and pored over the ocean of reviews within the pages and began sending off dollar bills along with letters, and eventually my own fanzines. i sat by the mailbox in anticipation, sometimes literally. new zines and correspondences were received on a regular basis and penpals were made, some evolved into solid friendships and travel partners. there was social networking before friendster, myspace, facebook, etc, and believe it or not, before the internet altogether. the fanzine was the calling card for the pre-internet DIY community.

here is an issue of hard times, a home-grown 'zine straight outta 1985 maywood, new jersey. i recently found this copy at a local record swap for next to nothing. the interviews in this issue feature flipper, butthole surfers, violent femmes, and the dead milkmen. the letters to the editor even score some big names such as henry rollins and tesco vee. record reviews include the replacements' "let it be," article of faith's "give thanks," and much much more!! enjoy.

hard times v01n05 | 16 pages PDF
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hard times @ ZineWiki

tons of maximum rocknroll, flipside, and suburban voice PDFs @ the Punk Zine Archive!

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stupids/hard-ons - no cheese 10" - food-core as a genre??

stupids/hard-ons - no cheese 10in01 no reason (minor threat)
02 this is the norm? (stupids)
03 fun (trad.)
04 let's go (ramones)
05 walk all over you (ACDC)
06 C.I.D. (uk subs)
07 nuf (trad.)
08 all set to go (hard-ons)

mp3 320 VBR
http://lix.in/-34c973 [re-up 11.20.08]
File Size: 35.69 MB

australia's hard-ons team up with english skaterock goof-balls, the stupids for an 8 song /10 inch slab of banana yellow food-core vinyl. this record is often mistaken for a split, which is not the case on this particular platter. the idea was to make a record souvenir for their "high-way to hell" tour, with both bands collaborating in the studio. sort of creating the proverbial voltron of goof-ball hardcore punk, if you will. the result was four cover versions (minor threat, ramones, ACDC, and UK subs), one of each of the bands' originals, and two pisstake joke "songs" in the tradition of napalm death/sore throat etc.

both of these bands are among my favourites, simply due to the sheer amount of fun that comes through in the style and recordings. they're kinda hard NOT to like. check out this video, too:

hard-ons - something about you

more stupids

STUPIDS- Violent Nun 7"EP (COR, UK, 1985)
via good bad music for bad, bad times!

the stupids - peruvian vacation LP
via zxunami @ taringa

the stupids - van stupid LP
via mattsfinn @ multiply

the STUPIDS: Jesus Meets the Stupids (1987 - LP)
via hangover heart attack
more hard-ons

HARD-ONS - Love is a Battlefield Of Wounded Hearts
via hangover heart attack

Hard Ons - Yummy (1990)
via ausrock

Hard-ons - Very Exciting 1993
via I Am a Rabbit

Hard-Ons - Singles (1994)
via building a drain to house the insane

Hard-Ons - This terrible place
via subers


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rahdunes, the moon and bad times, malabar brothers @ carabar 09.18.07

the moon and bad times 8012

rahdunes | the moon and bad times | malabar brothers

malabar brothers 8021 malabar brothers 8020 malabar brothers 8019 rahdunes 8018 rahdunes 8017
rahdunes 8016 rahdunes 8014 the moon and bad times 8013 the moon and bad times 8012 the moon and bad times 8011
the moon and bad times 8010 the moon and bad times 8009