rubbish heap - world industries first skate video

another blast from the skate-thrash past, this short-but-sweet shredder was easily worn in my trusty ol VHS machine. repeated viewings, or quick rewinds, were often the case before heading out for another all-day session sweating in the streets. mike vallely blows some minds. rodney mullen shares some of his patented flippity freestyle. newcomer, and 10-year-old, chris branagh OWNS!! ron chatman and jeremy klein have equally amazing parts as well. the end is cut off, unfortunately. there was a scene there where, in true gross-out-kid fashion, chris branagh eats a worm, gags, throws up, and the dog comes over and eats the vomit. truly classic!!

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bloodstains across your mom

bloodstainscommander-in-chief, slobodon burgher has posted a metric buttload of bloodstains comps over at the wonderful only in it for the music blog.  these comps are like the little brother to the killed by death series, compiling rare early punk by certain region.  just like the KBD series, varying greatly in quality, though not lacking in quantity.  plenty of goodies abound, worth wading through for the gems.

glen e. friedman - photographer, vegan, activist, hero

FUCK YOU ALL the interview with GLEN E. FRIEDMAN before the museum exhibition opening in ROME 1998

glen's coverage on skateboarding and hardcore punk bands in the 80s is unsurpassed, providing many of the striking, iconic photographs that reached all types of media, still embeded in the back of my mind to this day. just found this interview and thought i'd share.

here's a sample of his work. just random, but you'll recognize it, i'm sure:

if anyone has an extra copy of MY RULES photozine, which glen himself published and distributed in 1982, please get in touch. perhaps we can strike up a deal!!

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weekend nachos, weedsteeler, raw sewage, order 66 @ LOD 08.20.07

weedsteeler 7935

weekend nachos | weedsteeler | raw sewage | order 66

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doggy style - 80s so-cal hardcore funpunks

doggy style - donut shop rock

a pretty good dialogue involving the original doggy style guitarist ed caudill had played out in the comments on the punk vault blog on another post regarding the band. here's most of what transpired:

The image “http://a434.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/57/m_b01bc9b9d9fede989d3ad57f8b420e61.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.# Ed Caudill Says:
August 25th, 2006 at 1:35 pm

Cool, I’ll check it out.
Here’s a little history on Donut Shop Rock. I wrote that song along with Ladies From Neptune, Nymphomaniac, and skate party etc… when I was in a little Esperanza high school punk band called AWOL and brought these songs with me to DS. Donut Shop Rock was written about an episode involving a donut shop ran by non english speaking foreigners. We used to go in the shop and ask for donuts by pointing to a donuts while saying, “I’ll take the motherfucking piss licking shit fuck donut right there….and they would just smile and get the donut…lol (What can you say….we were little kids and were amused easily…lol) Anyways, one day a group of us including my brother, were in the donut shop. My brother was about the break the high score on space invaders when one of the owners unplugged the machine so he could sweep around it. This guy never bothered to ask or explain what he was doing….As you can imagine, we were pissed and decided to trash the place. We brought in my brothers little scooter and began to burn out and do figure eights inside the place, then we pushed the space invaders machine into the pathway that allows workers to enter the dining area trapping them behind the counter. We threw anything we could get our hands on while the owner watched helplessly. The whole things was over in an instant, but it was from this experience that I wrote Donut Shop Rock…lol
Ed Caudill
# Ed Caudill Says:
August 25th, 2006 at 2:39 pm

Hey, I’m on a roll…lol Bart http://myspace.com/ladiesfromneptune asked about the spanish lyrics in “Be Strong.The image “http://a999.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/30/m_6c2612d66f2a0b40c674c63688da8676.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
I wrote “Be strong” right before we went in to do the 7″. We were really starting to take the whole unity thing pretty serious and were really concerned about the punk scene in southern california and how fragmented it had become. I had heard someone mention the phrase, “use your head” and I kept thinking about how true that was, and I wrote Be Strong with that in mind. Brad then took the lyrics I wrote and added a little to them. Now for the spanish part. I wanted this song to reach out to punks of all nationalities including hispanics. (including two members of DS, Ray Jimez and Lou Guyez…lol) So with the help of my father who is a language professor i wrote the phrases in spanish to be like sound bites when we sang them:

Use Your Head

Down with the fools

give us your support

and your belief.

However, the misspellings on the record insert were all mine…lol

Ed Caudill
# Shermdog Says:
August 25th, 2006 at 9:41 pm

Ed: Do you stil talk to any of the old DS guys? Why did you guys break up and what are you doing now?

Also, thanks for the kick ass music. I dont think I could have made it through my young punk skater years without you guys. I still rock out to my old DS shit on a regular basis. Doggy Style II is still one of my all time favorites.

Thanks for the story behind Donut Shop Rock!
# Ed Caudill Says:
August 26th, 2006 at 5:00 pm

The image “http://a177.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/5/m_be71ac5a7fbcda900c4e8e311b002e18.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.Hi Shermdog,
I haven’t seen Ray since the Doggy Style II days. He marrried with kids etc… Last I saw Lou, Him and Brad were promoting the Orange County Roxbury. And I last saw Brad at a friend’s funeral a couple years ago.

You know it really makes me happy to see that some people still like the music.

Here’s the story behind the break up of Doggy Style. We just finished our last show in Reno Nevada and we were all talking and somehow splitting up became the subject. It appeared that Brad and Lou had already made up their minds to leave. We had just come off a long tour and were a bit burned out. In addition, I sensed that Brad was ready ditch the whole Straight Edge Punk thing for Rap. In fact, later during Double Freak (We used to call them Double Mint) we used to tease Brad X and call him Vanilla Ice because looked and acted exactly like him on stage…lol I have never met a more ambitious person than Brad X. When Brad decided he wanted something…He burned for it until he got it. DS had the Good fortunate of having a front man like Brad X fronting the band. Nonetheless, in retrospect, one can see that he was ready to launch his career as a Rap artist. Who could blame him, DS had been a nonstop crazy party for nearly three years.. So, this really was the time to either take a break or move on. And I was not in a creative mode, so Brad made a decision to start a rap project. However, it was his deceptive tactics that led to the Doggy Style II record..lol

Here’s how the battle over the name started. There were some exciting things happening for DS during this period. Slash Records was courting us and MTV wanted to air “Donut Shop Rock.” However, MTV wanted us to change our name. Our attitude was, it didn’t matter, whatever….we already decided to break up, but I suggested we use Doggy Smile for the Video. Interestingly, Brad and Lou insisted we use the name “Doggy Rock,” so I went along. Immediately, after the Video aired Brad began announcing his new band to anyone that would listen, “Doggy Rock”…lol Now I knew for sure, why they wanted to break up the band. I was bummed that they were not honest and up front about what their intentions were. If they had asked to use my song to help promote their new band I would have had no problem with it. We were all quite puzzled and could not understand why they went to all that work to be so deceptive when all they had to do was ask. I called Brad and asked him explain why, I don’t remember what his exact words were, but I remember a lot of back peddling and BS…lol. That’s when I made up my mind to stick it out with Doggy Style for one more recording, justifying it on the basis that if Brad and Lou could shamelessly steal my material to promote their next project. I could proceed with a dream of mine, and that was to write, record and produce a Second Full LP Doggy Style record. Only this one would feature Ed Caudill and Ray Jimenez …lol It was never intended to be a new band. Ray immediately came on board and Flipside records soon after. When Brad heard what I was doing, he began calling me up and threatening litigation, claiming to own the Copy Right to the name DS name…”We’ve got the Chicks, We own Copy right” (Dub This Dude, DS II), then they decide to scrap the name Doggy Rock for Doggy Style. Now you had two Doggy Styles! Who’s more legitimate?…lol Most importantly whose record is gonna be out first?. The Doggy Style II record was written and recorded in about six weeks. In fact, I heard a rumor that Brad and Lou were actually gonna finish ahead of us, so I immediately went in and finished mixing the whole DS II record in one nonstop 36 hour session. After the mixing was done….I never wanted to step foot in a recording studio again…lol The DS II record ended up being released a couple of months before “the last laugh”. My goal was to slam DS II with a shit load of songs to make appealing, The whole conceptual theme of the record was based on the subject of the homeless that exists in America. Brad and Lou’s idea to make their record appealing was give away free condemns in theirs records…lol I believe it worked because I remember they were interviewed on the news…lol However, I was only interested in one studio record. Doggy Style II was never supposed to be a band, but only a record…and that’s exactly How I kept it, in fact, I only played two shows supporting the DS II record. To this day, I’m really proud of the DS II record. It’s a great recording. I’m especially proud of the Song, “Schaefer’s Revenge,” written about DS’s original and only Rhythm guitar player, Michael Schaefer who played with me on the “Work as One” 7 inch and who seems to have been completely forgotten. After he left, I never replaced him. Later, Flipside wanted another release, which I turned down, so they turned to Ray. Now DS consisted only of Ray. I pleaded with Ray not to do it, but Flipside talked him into doing it. The subsequent record is called “Don’t Hit Me Up”. Which I personally can’t stand!…lol Later, I guess Flipside must have sold the rights to DS to Triple X cause I’ve seen the Doggy Style II and Don’t Hit Me Up CD on XXX. I think this is a really unfortunate. “Don’t Hit Me Up” was never supposed to have happened and really has little in common with “Doggy Style. The whole record plays out like a bad D.I. record. Moreover, it had strayed too far from the original and even Ray recognized it and soon called it quits. I don’t blame Ray for doing it; it’s not easy giving up a fun gig. Interestingly, The picture they used for “don’t hit me up had been a picture we had taken for DS II in an old abandoned house where we threw paint all over the walls. Anyways, XXX must have cut me out of the picture and deleted my name when they decided to release DS II and “Don’t Hit Me Up” together on one CD cause you won’t find my name anywhere on it.

Any other questions about Doggy Style….Better Ask them now while I’m on a role…lol
Ed Caudill

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doggy style - side by side
doggy style - side by side

download it here:
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dressed for the h bomb posted the first 7" doggy style - work as one on mystic records. the comments on that post are pretty informative, if not amusing as well.

doggy style myspace | doggy style fan myspace

guiltmaker, red room cinema, headacher, the sound for language @ LOD 08.18.07

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guiltmaker | red room cinema | headacher | the sound for language

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