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last week, wilfully obscure posted a cd by the high speed scene, a band to whom i'm partially acquanited with mainly through their guitarist, max hart, who i had met when i lived in davis, ca. davis was a sort of small college town, with a sort of large university. the town was quite bike-friendly, and there were all sorts of resources for the young and punk. one of which was the teen center at third and b, maybe not where i met max, but where plenty of all ages shows happened. i believe that max was involved in setting up some of the shows and his band, beatbox, would have ended up playing a handful of shows there as well. beatbox played (mostly) hardcore/punk with a smartass skateboarder's perspective and bivouac-era jawbreaker sensibilities. i say mostly because they seemed to keep a loose definition of "beatbox," and even recorded a straight smooth-jazz track at the end of the second demo.

these tracks are ripped from a cdr that didn't have track listings, very much akin to the first dub i had of the first beat box demo. so as far as song titles go, your guess could be as good as mine. perhaps maybe someone can fill us in!! these 15 tracks comprise the two demos that make up the entire beatbox discography. the second of which i'm not even sure had a proper release.

mp3 128kbps CBR
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spavid said...

Hey, thanks for the upload. Sounds gnarly it's apples and oranges in comparison to HSS. I added you to the blogroll.


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