skateboard kings - 1978 british dogtown doc

cropping up well after all the hype of the z-boys movie and recent dogtown docs, this film is the missing piece of the puzzle. so much so, that it probably should have been included as a dvd extra, or perhaps it will be released one day on its own. either way, this is a groovy trip back to the days of banana boards and concrete skateparks.

i think they did a pretty damn good job capturing the whole feeling of the period and the personality of the skaters. so well done it makes a great general interest piece and not just for skaters. watch all of the movers and shakers of the early dogtown scene. cross the desert to the giant pipes of arizona!! visit the skateparks, pools, magazines, shops, and manufacturers of the late 70s. cult in status, i believe the movie thrashin' stole it's opening sequence from this doc. watch and see.