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st. vitus mania!! [1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8]
via orexis of death
doom, doom, doom and more doom!!

ZYKLOME A - Made in Belgium LP
via carry on screaming
1984 hardcore punk from belgium, you may know 'em from their contribution to the pusmort compilation "cleanse the bacteria."

13th Floor Elevators - Live at Avalon Ballroom, SF., 1966
via re-upped!
7 song boot from these texas psych legends. viva roky!

confuse - spending loud night
via Only-In-It-For-The-Music
slobodan burgher never disappoints. come listen to raw fucking japanese buzzsaw thrash.

Swell Maps - Whatever Happens Next...2xLP (1981)
via Wilfully Obscure
collection of rare demos, art-punk/post-punk.

Riot.303 - Crowd Control 7inch
via last days of man on earth
pre-beyond possession, this calgary, alberta punk band contributed songs to the first thrasher skate rock compilation.

The Lizerds - S/T 7″
via killed by death records
a rocking 2-song 45 from 1981. noisy, raw, catchy. KBD certified!

TNT- s/t 7"EP (Voxpop, Switzerland, 1979)
via Good bad Music for bad, bad Times!
female-fronted 70s LA punk. good stuff!!

FEAR OF GOD- Konserven 7″EP (Two Sheds Records, Switzerland, 1993)
via Good bad Music for bad, bad Times!
posthumously released ep of this swiss grind band's first demos, some of the earliest grindcore recorded!!

GG Allin (With ANTiSEEN) - Murder Junkies
via born in the basement
scumfuck tradition, oh the absurdity!! but SO GOOD!!