some punk zine action - hard times vol. 1 no. 5

hard times vol. 1 no. 5over the years, the punk fanzine has gone the wayside (unfortunately), with the advent of the internet, in favor of websites, blogs, file-sharing, etc. searching out fanzines and reading them intently from cover to cover was a crucial part of many punkers' formative stages.

factsheet five was a wonderful magazine that was published four times a year and served as a rudimentary networking hub for all kinds of underground media. i awaited each issue and pored over the ocean of reviews within the pages and began sending off dollar bills along with letters, and eventually my own fanzines. i sat by the mailbox in anticipation, sometimes literally. new zines and correspondences were received on a regular basis and penpals were made, some evolved into solid friendships and travel partners. there was social networking before friendster, myspace, facebook, etc, and believe it or not, before the internet altogether. the fanzine was the calling card for the pre-internet DIY community.

here is an issue of hard times, a home-grown 'zine straight outta 1985 maywood, new jersey. i recently found this copy at a local record swap for next to nothing. the interviews in this issue feature flipper, butthole surfers, violent femmes, and the dead milkmen. the letters to the editor even score some big names such as henry rollins and tesco vee. record reviews include the replacements' "let it be," article of faith's "give thanks," and much much more!! enjoy.

hard times v01n05 | 16 pages PDF
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any comments are greatly appreciated, even if just to say thanx.


Slobodan Burgher said...

"THANKS". Assume you read my lastest nonsense about starting an archive for zines? If you have any and want to contribute let me know...

jimmybuttons said...

yeah man!! the archive sounds like a fantastic idea, although 99% of my zines are currently in storage hundreds of miles from here :(.

Elliott said...

how about Voice Box #6 in pdf format?

I really want to scan more, but I lost most of mine, and Hudak is hard to get stuff off of.