live mp3s: WFMU delivers the SXSW goods

Half Japanese at WFMU/SXSW/Spiro's March 14th
The Homosexuals at WFMU/SXSW/Spiro's March 14th
Hank IV at WFMU/SXSW/Spiro's March 14
Citay at WFMU/SXSW/Spiro's March 14th
The Bad Trips at WFMU/SXSW/Spiro's March 14th
Harvey Milk at WFMU/SXSW/Spiro's March 14th

i was lucky enough to be in attendance at the harvey milk show, and it was probably THE face-melter of SXSW 2008. loud and on point, i was instantly blown away. the addition of joe preston to the fold was a big bonus, makes complete sense. they were so loud, that i had to run inside to ask the bartender for earplugs. after politely declining a super bullshit offer to sell his personal earplugs for ten dollars, i hit the restroom and shoved a few wads of toilet paper into my ear canals and happily made my way back to headbang position at the front of the stage.

click here for video clips of cheveau, lexie mountain boys, and paul metzger.
thanx for the goodies, WFMU!! hope to see some of the psychedelic horseshit and los llarmarada coverage hit the blog!!

edit: harvey milk live mp3s link updated and wfmu finally posted video footage of psychedelic horseshit and gary higgins here.


video: Wake Up! A Profile of Positive Force

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from the google video description:
A documentary about Positive Force, a loosely organized group of young people working for social change. P.F. members volunteer in the Washington DC community and promote benefit rock concerts for a wide variety of groups. They also try to live according to a set of humane values.

Wake Up! was created in 1991 by David Weinstein. It features the punk activist group Positive Force. It also features bands, labels and activists such as Fugazi, Mark Anderson, Jenny Toomey, Tsunami, The Ex, and more.

i especially enjoyed the footage on early 90s DIY washington, DC record label, simple machines. very inspiring!!

video: health - triceratops

HEALTH "Triceratops"
by saullevitz

here's a video from a band i was lucky enough to see a few times during sxsw. the band is called HEALTH, and hail from los angeles, california. their performances are a sonic assault combining elements of guitar noise, stabs of feedback, desperate chanting, and wild, tribal drumbeats. this video was apparently shot using the built-in isight cams on thirteen different macbook pro laptops. pretty cool idea.

photos: genghis tron tour march '08

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two weeks with no updates pretty much means i have been away from the computer and out on the road racking up the miles again. check out the photos from my latest tour with genghis tron. it was a two-week stint throughout the midwest, down to sxsw in austin, texas, and back up again through the midwest that ended in an accident losing a tire on the freeway, losing control of the van, spinning out, and jackknifing the trailer, ultimately sliding backwards and sideways into the muddy median. luckily, the five of us walked away without as much as a scratch, our van and trailer, however, are currently in the shop for repairs and it seems that it won't be ready for our next month-long tour which starts next week.

as well as our accident, we also endured a blizzard in oberlin, ohio, having to stay there an extra day and cancel a show in bowling green, the roads were so bad. once we made it out of the midwest, the sun shone brightly and our five days in austin couldn't have been nicer!! temperatures were well into the 80s, and i walked blisters into parts of my feet i never even knew existed. along with the blisters, i also had a swollen toe/ingrown toenail combo (delicious i know, right?) that made being on my feet a fucking charm, let me tell you.

a bunch of our shows on the way down to texas were with clouds, who happened to be a great band and awesome tourmates. i look forward to seeing them again in the future!! we played a few shows with some of my best friends in the world, an albatross, which was awesome to hang out with and see them play, but weird not to be on tour with them. they were playing a bunch of shows with apes, who are also stellar! our loop back through the midwest was accompanied by louisville's finest, coliseum. while there are many reasons to love this band, i will go on record to say that they've got the most insane drummer i'd ever seen, who is probably one of the funniest cats i'd ever met. this guy is wacky hi-jinx personified!! powerhouse of a band, check 'em out!!

procuring my blisters at sxsw in austin, i'd have to say, was well worth it. among some of the amazing bands i got to see were clip'd beaks, health, mika miko, monotonix, knyfe hyts, harvey milk, and many more. too many to name!! i ran into dozens of friends and acquaintances, and finally got to meet up with joeymonster for a trip to veggie heaven for a tasty vegan meal. he even bought me the god damn shirt!! thanx joey!!

anyhow, enjoy the photos and i look forward to posting more as the chance permits.


the internet comes with music!? - your weekly mp3 blog roundup

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Frankie Dymon Jr.-Let It Out,LP,1971,Germany

Throbbing Gristle - Five Knuckle Shuffle (1981, USA)
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Man Lifting Banner – Myth of Freedom (Crucial Response Records #9)
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The Lurkers - Freak Show
Leyton Buzzards - Saturday Night Beneath The Plastic Palm Trees
Anti-Social - Traffic Lights
The Slits - Typical Girls
The Psychedelic Furs - We Love You
Schoolgirl Bitch - Abusing The Rules
Johnny Moped - No One
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Nukketeatteri - Tervetuloa helvettiin… E.P. 7″
The Red Squares - Ottawa Today 7″
The Skunks - Can’t Get Loose 7″
via Killed By Death Records

Felt - S/T-1971 US
The Lollipop Shoppe-Just Colour -1968 US
The Serpent Power -S/T-1967 US
The Fredric - Phases and Faces - 1968 US
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Red Lights - Free Range Records 1978
John The Postman’s Psychedelic Rock ‘n’ Roll Five Skinners - Bent Records 1979
The Mob - Unreleased Track From LP Session 1982
Steel Leg v The Electric Dread - Virgin Records 1978
Wild Paarty Sounds Volume One - ONU Sound Records 1981
D.I.R.T. Death Is Reality Today - Plymouth 29/09/81
Chumbawamba - The Library, Luton 30/05/85 + Demos
The Fits - Corpus Christi Records 1983
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Negative FX - Government War Plans EP (1982 demo)
Jeff Dahl & The American Soul Spiders - Livin In The Shadows EP
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SATAN- Kiss of Death, b/w Heads will roll 7″ (Guardian Records, UK, 1982)
FEAR OF GOD- Live at Fri-Son, Fribourg (Switzerland) September 1 1988
V/A TROUSERS IN ACTION- Compilation 7″EP (Aberrant Records, Australia, 1985)
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Flower Travellin' Band - Made In Japan (1972)
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VOID "Potion For Bad Dreams"
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The Music Explosion 'Little Bit O' Soul: The Very Best Of The Music Explosion' (1986)
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Chaotic Dischord - Fuck Religion, Fuck Politics, Fuck the Lot of You
Mayhem(NYC) - Rehearsal

Agnostic Front- Cause For Alarm/Victim in Pain
via A Day Without a Record

Moderat Likvidation - Nitad ep
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The Swamps Rats - Disco Still Sucks
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Bangtails - Hypnotic Downpour ep (1987)
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discount - mom lied to me (1995)


i bought this tape from one of the members of the band when i was on tour with a band called deckard (more about this band soon), back in 1995. i believe it was this same tour that we met up with a band called hot water music, and procured their "push for coin" demo. it would be this demo, along with discount's "mom lied to me" that became the soundtrack for the rest of tour, putting it on most times for repeated listens, until one day the deck in the van decided that it, too, needed some breakfast. sad to say that the only thing on the menu was hot water music "push for coin" omelet. unfortunate as it was, i am glad the discount tape survived the devious game of russian roulette.


Download this version (Original ) Download the Original size

if you're unfamiliar with this female-fronted poppy punk rock band, here's some info from wikipedia:
Discount was a punk rock band from Vero Beach, Florida that formed in 1995 and disbanded in 2000. They released three full length albums, several EPs, and two b-side collections. Members have gone on to form The Kills, The Kitchen, Black Cougar Shock Unit, Unitas, the Routineers, The Draft, and Monikers.

discount - mom lied to me [cassette rip]
mp3 320kbps [37.91MB]

01 disappointed
02 miller street
03 who needs you
04 black eye
05 tyke
06 panic

discount myspace fanpage


sun god, vile gash, reflect @ 15th house 02.29.08

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sun god | reflect | vile gash

to me, sun god are the surprise best new band of the year. i think they'd sound right at home on SST or homestead records in the mid-80s, reminding me of many of my favourite bands of that era, husker du, dinosaur jr., and squirrel bait. they also had the rockin' vibe of bands like doc hopper, sinkhole, and even the doughboys. not a popular style to play these days, but one that i really enjoy!! many kudos to sun god!!

kudos also to vile gash for going above and beyond all expectations for their first show, and to reflect for always being awesome!! i have no doubts that the midwest scene right now is surely a heavyweight contender.