video: Wake Up! A Profile of Positive Force

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from the google video description:
A documentary about Positive Force, a loosely organized group of young people working for social change. P.F. members volunteer in the Washington DC community and promote benefit rock concerts for a wide variety of groups. They also try to live according to a set of humane values.

Wake Up! was created in 1991 by David Weinstein. It features the punk activist group Positive Force. It also features bands, labels and activists such as Fugazi, Mark Anderson, Jenny Toomey, Tsunami, The Ex, and more.

i especially enjoyed the footage on early 90s DIY washington, DC record label, simple machines. very inspiring!!


Anonymous said...

Thought I'd ask you - have you ever seen (or better yet have a link to) the short film Urban Struggle about the Cuckoo's Nest and Pat Brown?

jimmybuttons said...

wow, great question!! i've not seen this gem, nor can i find it yet anywhere on the web. i shall keep my feelers out, and hopefully come up with a post about it in the near future!! thanx for the prod!!

Anonymous said...

Here is the link that introduced me to its existence...


Other links mentioning it:


More info:
"URBAN STRUGGLE...has anyone seen that? Kinda a lil' documentary about the Cookoo's Nest from around 1982, if you've ever heard the Vandals first 12", the song about Pat Brown running the cop down...well this is the movie. GREAT FOOTAGE! Black Flag(Henry's 2nd west coast show), Circle Jerks, TSOL and more...lotsa great footage of punks and future punk stars."

I would love to see that Black Flag show and just learn more about the infamous Pat Brown!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the video, this was really cool!

gabbagabbahey said...

wow, that was fascinating - and inspiring!

I haven't watched it until now, but the name Positive Force entered my subconscious - I used it as a subtitle for my latest mixtape without realizing where it came from. But I think I carried the meaning somewhat accurately - it's also got some Lungfish on it!

as a blogger, I was thinking what those people could have done with instantaneous, computerised communication but then I realised that the whole film just showed how it is down to personal action, before technology.