discount - mom lied to me (1995)


i bought this tape from one of the members of the band when i was on tour with a band called deckard (more about this band soon), back in 1995. i believe it was this same tour that we met up with a band called hot water music, and procured their "push for coin" demo. it would be this demo, along with discount's "mom lied to me" that became the soundtrack for the rest of tour, putting it on most times for repeated listens, until one day the deck in the van decided that it, too, needed some breakfast. sad to say that the only thing on the menu was hot water music "push for coin" omelet. unfortunate as it was, i am glad the discount tape survived the devious game of russian roulette.


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if you're unfamiliar with this female-fronted poppy punk rock band, here's some info from wikipedia:
Discount was a punk rock band from Vero Beach, Florida that formed in 1995 and disbanded in 2000. They released three full length albums, several EPs, and two b-side collections. Members have gone on to form The Kills, The Kitchen, Black Cougar Shock Unit, Unitas, the Routineers, The Draft, and Monikers.

discount - mom lied to me [cassette rip]
mp3 320kbps [37.91MB]

01 disappointed
02 miller street
03 who needs you
04 black eye
05 tyke
06 panic

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Stephen said...

I almost started crying when I found this. I got this tape from the band at The Old School House c. 95 or so. Through tons of BS it was stolen from me by a heroin addict and ended up in the hands of what I thought was a good friend who refused to give it back or even let me buy it back. Suffice to say I never thought I'd hear it again. Thanks so much!!