live mp3s: WFMU delivers the SXSW goods

Half Japanese at WFMU/SXSW/Spiro's March 14th
The Homosexuals at WFMU/SXSW/Spiro's March 14th
Hank IV at WFMU/SXSW/Spiro's March 14
Citay at WFMU/SXSW/Spiro's March 14th
The Bad Trips at WFMU/SXSW/Spiro's March 14th
Harvey Milk at WFMU/SXSW/Spiro's March 14th

i was lucky enough to be in attendance at the harvey milk show, and it was probably THE face-melter of SXSW 2008. loud and on point, i was instantly blown away. the addition of joe preston to the fold was a big bonus, makes complete sense. they were so loud, that i had to run inside to ask the bartender for earplugs. after politely declining a super bullshit offer to sell his personal earplugs for ten dollars, i hit the restroom and shoved a few wads of toilet paper into my ear canals and happily made my way back to headbang position at the front of the stage.

click here for video clips of cheveau, lexie mountain boys, and paul metzger.
thanx for the goodies, WFMU!! hope to see some of the psychedelic horseshit and los llarmarada coverage hit the blog!!

edit: harvey milk live mp3s link updated and wfmu finally posted video footage of psychedelic horseshit and gary higgins here.


justin said...

Good to see you back man. This post is a killer even if it is just because of the WFMU link. Lots of good stuff to be found there. Thanx for bringing on the music.

btwfmu said...

Hey JB - just FYI the Los Llamarada SXSW never got recorded sadly, but there's now MP3s and vid up on the WFMU site for their session this month 11/08.
www.wfmu.org/playlists/BT links to our blog post on em

Thanks for the SXSW 08 plug, workin on 09 as we speak. Yer blog is top notch!