video: health - triceratops

HEALTH "Triceratops"
by saullevitz

here's a video from a band i was lucky enough to see a few times during sxsw. the band is called HEALTH, and hail from los angeles, california. their performances are a sonic assault combining elements of guitar noise, stabs of feedback, desperate chanting, and wild, tribal drumbeats. this video was apparently shot using the built-in isight cams on thirteen different macbook pro laptops. pretty cool idea.


David said...

never saw that video before but it's great. I've been a huge fan of HEALTH for awhile now but havent got to see them live yet. Nice blog btw!

jimmybuttons said...

thanx david!! glad you enjoy the blog. HEALTH come highly recommended to see live!!! hopefully they'll swing through your neck of the woods sometime soon!