onion - faster

here's one i uploaded for a friend and decided to post since it's already upped.  i haven't been able to find any infos on this band, but i know i do have at least one other 7", maybe two.  the CD was released on crisis records, which, to my knowledge, was a short-lived subsidiary of revelation.  i think i bought this because it was the same label that put out the first farside 7", which i was really into.  this release doesn't fall far from that type of sound, either.  very melodic rock-ish type stuff.  if you're a fan of bay area punk from the early 90s (samiam/jawbreaker) or minneapolis in the 80s (soul asylum/husker du), i think you'll dig this.  if anyone has any more information, it would be greatly appreciated!!

onion - faster
mp3 320kbps VBR [94.64 MB]

01   What Can I Do? (2:82) 
02   What Comes From Today (2:21) 
03   Empty Glass (4:15) 
04   No One's Home (3:59) 
05   The Same (2:91) 
06   3 Or 4 (3:29) 
07   Dreamizer (3:50) 
08   10 Below (3:49) 
09   So Emotional (3:02) 
10   8 Hours To Apathy (2:91) 
11   The Flying Buttress (5:48) 
12   All Falls Apart (3:23) 
13   Words Left At Home (2:60)
14   Over The Fire (3:34)
15   Room (2:86)

you can still pick this up from revelation records online for twelve bucks.  do it.


Anonymous said...

hello jimmybuttons

great post and thank you! actually thank you for a couple different things you've posted in the past. last summer 15 years of collecting got stolen and have been searching around on the net to try to find a lot of what is lost. so far i'm at about 65% regain! win!

anyway, i can't provide much more info on Onion but i did see them around '92-ish in Mechanicsburg, PA. i can't remember who played also, but some bands i remember from that year and place were American Standard, Junction, Separate Peace, Jawbox, Gunk, Foundation, Mosh Potatoes, Shudder to Think, Potholder, Pagan Virtue, Pop Slave, etc...

actually, looking at another post of yours about Wilkes-Barre, you know Potholder? from Latrobe i believe they were AWESOME. i had two eps "Lasagna" and "Haircut" i would love to hear again.

thanks again and peace!

jimmybuttons said...

hey great to hear from you!! i believe i went to ONE show in mechanicsburg during that era. it was black train jack, and junction or separate peace may have played as well if my memory serves me correctly. i think i used to have a gunk 7" back in the day, and still have records from american standard, jawbox, and foundation.

potholder, i don't think i'm familiar with. latrobe is actually near pittsburgh, and wilkes-barre is on the opposite side of the state.

glad you chimed in. i'll be posting similar stuff down the line.

hashi-tashi said...

hahaha THANKS for reviving my Black Train Jack memory! YES!!! seen them too! we probably saw shows together at one time (i'm 33, '93 grad, from Chambersburg, PA) i had a tape of BTJ (demo style with a red j-card with a "symbol").

thanks Jimmy...

jimmybuttons said...

YES!! i'm certain i still have that demo. think i got it from them when they played the unisound in reading.

hashi-tashi said...

...and one more (request? *wishful thinking*) before i go to bed...

i remember seeing (and owning) from that period:
separate peace/junction split (on significant records)

desiderata (amanda mackaye [ian's sister's] band ...saw their very last show back then in Quincy, Pa, not sure of 7" title ...self-titled i believe

sticks & stones (can't remember 7" title)

anything by "admiral"... looking for s/t 7" with "brother, can you spare a dime" song

thanks for any info... i really wish i could give something back.

jimmybuttons said...

i was thinking about admiral after you wrote that first comment. it was a pretty popular 7" in the scene at the time, and i sure do still have my copy. i will post it soon!! i've also got a few sticks and stones 7"s, too.

if there are any tapes you have from back in the day, no matter how small the band, it would be awesome to hear.

blend77 said...

wow! i used to own this, and i purchased it because of the same reason. I loved Farside so I figured the connection couldnt be bad. All my records back in the day were ordered on a label by label basis.

Havent thought of this release in years! thanks for the memories!

and Hashi Tashi said something about Junction? I was just going to post them up...