delay, hot new mexicans, bold slug @ 15th house

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okay kids, last of the photo fucking posts for now. i promise, i just had to get caught up here and i know how much you love reading my blog. my stats graph resembles mount kilmanjaro or some shit. i get more hits than a wheelchair's got seats!! i'm full of 'em, i'll be here all week, i tell ya!

anyhow, last nite i pedaled a few blocks over to the 15th house to check out a few bands from athens, ga. could very well have been chattanooga bands if you asked me. not bad in that sloppy-punk-cuz-i'm-drunk-but-fuck-it-it's-DIY kinda way. the bands were bold slug and hot new mexicans. there was an opener that i missed and didn't catch the name, and of course, then there was delay. you can somehow count on delay to always deliver the goods. how can you not when these kids are as positive as they are. i only wish i knew the words to all their songs like all of their other fans do.


also, check out bret's blog, the black cloud.  he lives at the 15th house and takes really sweet photos!




how do u check your blog stats?

jimmybuttons said...

greetings and thanx for reading!

google analytics is a great tool for more info than you know what to do with. not only can you find out how much traffic your blog gets, but where it comes from and much, much more.

http://google.com/analytics. you have to put a piece of their code in your blog template in order for them to collect the data.

there are probably serveral other services that do the same thing if you look around, but google seems to be on top of everything, and what's more, it's FREE.