vile gash, weed steeler, empire @ used kids 06.14.08

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now here's a novel idea, a HARDCORE SHOW at used kids records!! 

nah, actually, it worked out really well, aside from a few bewildered faces. i think it should happen more often. weed steeler are still up to old tricks, even with the new lineup stunts, still worth seeing every time. vile gash thrashed through their usual 5-min-or-so set. empire juggled members of triceratops yet again, this time going for a no-bullshit-all-bust hc approach. kind of a re-take on the triceratops sound, minus the party. i miss the party. BRING BACK THE PARTY!!

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Bret Liebendorfer said...

I wish I would have been in town to see this show.