thou, deadsea, locusta @ lod 06.16.08

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the columbus music scene is usually most notable for all of the hip lo-fi kinda bands that become popular for a minute or two, and yeah they are well-deserving. often overlooked is the columbus metal scene. there are always a solid few top-shelf metal bands melting eardrums from basement to stage, here in columbus. two of which, deadsea and locusta, played legion of doom with louisiana swamp doom rockers, thou.  locusta impress more each time i see them, and opening this show was no exception.  thou doomed up a storm in the tradition of soylent green, eyehategod, iron monkey, etc.  punishing blows to the frontal lobe!!  last, but certainly not least, deadsea melted the walls of the legion with their tasteful brand of avant-prog-metal.  this band could very well be comprised of the most talented, positive, and nicest people on this planet. 

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locusta | deadsea | thou

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Bret Liebendorfer said...

One of my favorite photo sets I've seen of yours. I love shooting metal, they make it so easy on us photographers.