mp3 blog roundup from the ground up, ah yeah!!

way too much good stuff soaring through the blogosphere this week. i had to prune my choices and i'm still left with a gigantic list. i'm sure there's something you'll enjoy! as always when you download, say thanx (comments people, COMMENTS!!), and if you like it, buy the music somewhere if it's still in print...

shout outs to new lentil nightmare?! blog friends lo-res viscera and mustard relics!!

Gandalf The Grey - The Grey Wizard Am I
via Chocoreve

Crossed Out - Discography
Void - Potion for Bad Dreams
Drunk Injuns - Frontside Grind

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Justin said...

Thanx for linking me up sir. Quite a good blogroll you have here, I am honored. Happy blogging.