RIP sean finnegan drummer of DC hardcore band VOID

no matter which side of the faith/void split you prefer, you'll agree that it's arguably the best split release in the history of hardcore. the void songs were so ballistic and out of control, they teetered on the edge of losing it completely. so far out of bounds, that few bands have come close to achieving the same type of loose ferocity.

from dischord record news:
We are sad to announce that Sean Finnegan, the drummer from Void and an original member of the Dischord family, passed away on Wednesday January 30th of an apparent heart attack, he was 43. Sean's family will receive friends Monday 2 to 5 and 7 to 9 P.M. at HARRY H. WITZKE'S FAMILY FUNERAL HOME, INC., 4112 Old Columbia Pike, Ellicott City, Maryland. Sean played in Void while they we're active from 1980-1983 and was recently working on the set of the HBO production, "The Wire". An obituary and guest book can be found in the Baltimore Sun. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to Sean's many friends and family members.

In lieu of flowers Sean's family ask that donations may be made to the Fisher House, Walter Reed Hospital , Washington, D.C.

void - who are you? @ wilson center DC '83

just a small example of the wild performances attributed to void lore.

you can still purchase some void material over at dischord.

our friends at lo-res viscera recently posted void's long-lost/unreleased 3rd album "potion for bad dreams." in this (un)release, void was evolving from the breakneck thrash of their earlier material, slowing it down and adding the metal chops. while most hardcore purists could probably have done without hearing it, i certainly enjoy listening to it for what it is and it still can probably bulldoze much of the metal albums recorded during the same time frame.

good music for bad, bad times! has the Condensed Flesh 7"EP, which was a vinyl press of the 1981 void demo tape.

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Lo-Res Viscera said...

Great writeup, JB.
It's a bummer that we all gotta get old - fuck, he wasn't much older than I am right now...
(thanks for the mention as well)