the (scottish) freeze

sure, the boston freeze rank up there with some of the best american hardcore, but lately i've been giving the scottish freeze repeated listens. the haunting ballad "psychodalek nightmare" lurches along oozing proto-punk, even with its well-suited use of violin. this is the song that sucked me in, and really brings to mind the mike rep and the quota's anthem "heavy metal has destroyed my mind."

the freeze - psychodalek nightmares

view it on youtube

the video is a little disappointing in the fact that it's just a slideshow of cover art and a promo shot, and that's it, aside from a little bit of lineup and record infos.

from the video's youtube page:
The Freeze were formed in 1976 by Gordon Sharp, David Clancy and Keith Grant, all pupils together at school in Linlithgow, West Lothian. By 1977 and after linking up with drummer Graeme Radin, the band started gigging around Scotland, often playing support to many of the main punk and new wave bands of the day.
On Feb 24th 1978 they participated in the Stiff/Chiswick challenge series -- designed to highlight the U.K.'s top, unsigned acts at Edinburgh's Clouds Disco. Among those performing were The Skids, The Subs, The Monos, The Cuban Heels, Groper, The Freeze, and The Scars.

Two 7inch's were released on the A1 label, 1979's In Colour EP followed by 1980's Celebration/Crossover single.

Best moments-1: The Astoria Ballroom with our friends from Dalkeith singing along to Psychodalek Nightmare

Best moments-2:After being stopped by police on the way home from a gig where they got very excited about a substance in Roys pocket to get it returned 4 weeks later with a note to say it was violin resin, a fact that we had told the police at the time of our arrest!

more of the freeze on youtube
Kilt By Death: The Sound Of Old Scotland - previously posted here, a compilation containing some classic freeze tracks.