mp3 blog roundup

here's the stuff i recommend from this week's feeds.  i'm not going to link to blogs that don't spend time on quality posts.  it's one thing to not have any valid info about a band, but to create a blog for posting music without as much as a few words about your posts.  that's just lazy!!
enjoy, comment, and purchase it if you like it!!

New York Dolls 'New York Dolls' double LP (1977)
The Wailers 'Outburst' (1966)
The Mummies 'Shitsville' 7" (1990)
The Dream Syndicate 'The Days of Wine and Roses' (1982)
Love (1966)
via thee head vein

The Box Tops - The Letter/Neon Rainbow (1967)
via Garden Of Delights

Mecht Mensch - Acceptance E.P.
Asshole Parade - Student Ghetto Violence
via Seeeing Red

MX-80 extravaganza
Sun City Girls - 1st LP
via Sector 2814

SHITLICKERS- Cracked Cop Skulls 7″EP (Malign Massacre, Sweden, 1982)
AGNOSTIC FRONT- United Blood 7″EP (AF, USA, 1983)
via Good bad Music for bad, bad Times!

LES SHÉRIFF: (1989) - 3, 2, 1, Zéro!
SCREAM: Still Screaming & This Side Up
COCK SPARRER: Chip on My Shoulder
via Hangover Heart Attack

Rudimentary Peni - Death Church demos
via Cult Punk

Hated - S/T 7″
The Latin Dogs - Warning! E.P. 7″
via Killed By Death Records

via 7inchpunk

The Conversions - Prisoners Inventions
Descendents - ‘merican (EP)
7 inches of Dickies
via Born In The Basement

The Scruffs - Teenage Gurls (recorded 1979, released 1998)
The Meices - early singles (1991-92)
via Wilfully Obscure

Helpful Soul - First Album (1969 Japanese Heavy Psych Blues Rock)
Young Flowers - Blomsterpistolen (1968 Danish Heavy Prog-Psych Rock)
via Heavy Rock Spectacular

This is Phoenix not the Circle Jerks
Mighty Sphincter 7inch EP
The Brainz - Elementary Monster / Terra 7inch
via Last Days of Man On Earth

befour three o'clock - happen happened
the only ones - special view
via anthems from the alleyways

The Monkees - 5 albums [Remastered & Expanded editions]
via Shakin' All Over!

MIA "After The Fact"
Mad Parade "Re-Issues"
via Punk Not Profit

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Karl Bakla said...

Hell yeah! the Mummies! I was just listening to their stronger than dirt 7" last night!