three shades of dirty - paper roses demo cassette

here's the first of two reposts that have been requested, and since they came from my old blog, i am going to re-up the entire thing for all of the new readers.  enjoy, it's a good one!!
three shades of dirty are one of those bands that the internet is just a black fucking hole for any information on whatsoever.  what i do know, as would anyone else who recognizes the name, is that the band was a sort of one-off/side project of dan littleton after the 1989 split-up of the hated, his legendary DC-styled punk band from annapolis, md.  this recording was only released as a  cassette on the vermin scum label and was dubbed for me back in the mid-90s, from my good buddy punk roge.  we were on a BIG hated kick for a while, chopping veggies for the davis, ca food not bombs on sunday mornings and blaring tapes of the hated.  after which, one fateful sunday afternoon, roge dug up a dusty old box of cassette tapes and popped in this very demo for me.  and history was made.

this band was a very good logical extension of the hated, catchy and melodic, but this time leaning more towards rock than punk.  the lyrics blend the perfect amount of personal and political.  rain like the sound of trains may be the only fair reference i can make, who may very well be another great DC band that is often missed by the radar.  i think my favourite song here is the last track, dancing song - an acoustic number.  i dare you to remove the chorus from your brain after just one listen.  this is one of the songs i might sing in the shower or while driving along in the summer sun with the windows down.  "might," i said...

three shades of dirty - paper roses demo cassette
mp3 320kbps vbr [57.8 MB]

01 needing ground [03:25  7.72MB]
02 shelterless and dry [03:20  7.35MB]
03 stalemate [04:07  9.05MB]
04 first fall is fall [03:37  7.59MB]
05 for the meanwhile [02:29  5.56MB]
06 doris and frank [04:05  8.95MB]
07 dancing song [05:31  11.72MB]

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also included on the dubbed tape from which these mp3s were ripped was the slack tape (another littleton project) as well as the hated's awl cassette, which was #3 in the simple machines tool set series.  i can post those as well if there is interest.


Sapila said...

Thanks for re-uploading this!

Anonymous said...

I would love it if you posted the hated awl tape. they rocked! cant believe all their material is out of print still...

Anonymous said...

i second the call for the hated awl tape-- i grew up with these guys-- terrific stuff. that's the big hole in my collection.

jimmybuttons said...

the awl cassette

as posted here:

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to post the link for the Three Shades of Dirty MySpace page created recently, with Dan Littleton's blessing. I've posted all but one song from the EP and scans of the artwork from the original cassette release, plus links, etc. More coming... Thanks!

jimmybuttons said...

re-upped/link updated!