sand in the face - live @ cbgb 01.19.86

sand in the facei don't have much info for this band, except for the few short paragraphs about them found on other blogs. they released one album and the sleeve made no mention of any of the band member's names, a move that would land them a prime seat on the bullet train to hardcore obscurity.

from the punk vault:
Sand in the Face were from New Jersey and existed at a time when New Jersey was becoming a hotbed for punk and hardcore. They shared bills with their neighbors such as Adrenalin OD, Bedlam, Sacred Denial, Mourning Noise and lots more. I remember reading about them in scene reports in Maximumrocknroll and being interested not only for their name, but for the fact of where they came from and that the reports on them all sounded good.

here is a live set from CBGB, in which the recording was originally intended to produce material for a mystic records compilation. sand in the face mysteriously never made the cut for the comp, but here's the entire set, enjoy.

sand in the face - live @ cbgb 01.19.96
mp3 320kbps VBR
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you can listen to their self-titled (and only) LP on Last Days of Man On Earth


Still Screaming said...

Thanks man. cool blog urself. ya im bummed out that they took it off but im kinda afriad to put it back on. Thanks for checking my blog out though.

Erich said...

Nice one! Thanks much for this great powerful live recording that was new to me.