skate witches: a short film from 1986

i figured i might as well post this one too, while i was at it. old school nostalgia at it's finest!


Anonymous said...


First Fellicitation for your blog 'cause it's really god and impressive.
Second, Generally I don't like make a request ('cause if you want something to precise make yourself a blog) but for one time I must make an exception. Please, can you repost the disc.2 of the KILT BY DEATH series, it will be really great to you.... Thank you in advance

jimmybuttons said...


the discs are downloadable at this post. all have been re-upped and can be downloaded at your leisure!


Anonymous said...

thank you jimmy for your answer, unfortunatelly link dic.2 is dead...I've downloaded 1 & 3 without problem but dic.2 is impossible (I don't know why, perhaps it's a problem with badongo), so one more time, if you can try to post just this second disc on badongo or another shareware, it will be great to you.... Thank you in advance and long continuation at your blog (if I can help you, don't hesitate, if you want I'll post my records list (new Cd & Lp, trade or downloaded)!!!! but pl;ease make something for this second disc of this excellent series 'cause I believe you are the lonely to having posted this trilogy

jimmybuttons said...


there is an alternate link for ya!

Anonymous said...

All yours efforts are appreciated.
I hope a Long live to your blog.
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Karl Bakla said...

I would have joined the guy's gang who said the skate witches couldn't skate.