the scene - florida punk doc 1987? - steve burcham?

on the topic of florida punk, here's some more fodder from the bowels of google to which there is no corresponding information. search engines seem to be scratching their heads on this one. it's a pretty well-done piece for the mid-eighties, a valiant effort chock full o' punk rock spirit and the sketchy skinheads that plagued the scene. snippets of rhythm pigs, skinny puppy, DOA, along with some of the local florida bands, including one of my favourites, belching penguin! enjoy!!

watch it on google video

stay tuned, more hilarious punk docs to come!!
please post any infos you may have on this video in the comments, thanx!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is a documentary Steve and I made together in response to two young Tampa brothers who were convicted of beating a homeless man to death and received life sentences. We wrote a treatment titled: "Brothers for Life" and got some interviews with one of the brothers in prison but a film was never made. "The Scene" is a raw look at the then punk rock culture in Tampa in the mid 80's. They were characterized by their shaved heads, hatred of work, the police, and blacks. They were the violent form of the early 70's non-conformists. We made this on 3/4" tape, which at the time was considered high end for video. We were constantly worried for the safety of our equipment. There was an incident were one of our cameras got knocked down but it survived.
- Michael Daley, Kinetic Image Film Group web url: www.kineticimagefilmgroup.com

jimmybuttons said...

thanx for the insight michael. i was quite startled by the blatant racism, and the general apathy towards those spouting it.

there is definately quite an interest in this type of document of the early days of the hardcore scene. thank you for an informative glimpse into the punk rock past!!