cichlids - be true to your school LP

be_true_to_your_schoola little trip to the bookstore today yielded this dusty piece southern florida new wave punk rock history.  only fitting i should mention that, just yesterday, the fabulous killed by death records blog posted probably the best record to come out of south florida during the period, the eat's - communist radio/catholic love 7" 45.  a perfect companion to the record i'm covering here.

as the story goes, the cichlids made their debut in 1979 and became an overnight local sensation.  trying to cash in on the current trend in punk rock, disco label TK records signed the cichlids, but sadly enough, internal conflicts caused the band to break up shortly after the album was released.  the recent filming of a documentary of the 70s florida punk scene [trailer] prompted a reunion and sparked plans for another album.

the cichlids - be true to your school LP [vinyl rip]
mp3 320kbps VBR  [57.98 MB]

01 missionary man
02 with my girl
03 bubble gum
04 jewish girls
05 lifeguard dan
06 ups and downs
07 let's go menial
08 14 or fight
09 follow the trend
10 these boots were made for walkin'
11 did you ever
12 planned obsolescence
13 ubangi stomp

the record is non-stop energy from the moment the needle drops into the groove on side A, until it picks up from the end of side B.  comparisons may range from early blondie to the rezillos to x-ray spex to the runaways with a sneaky touch of beach boys added in there somewhere as well.  fans of female-fronted punk will not be disappointed!

the cichlids covering iggy and the stooges "search and destroy"

the cichlids - ubangi stomp/let's go menial

the cichlids on myspace

more south florida punk:
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jeffen said...

The depths of New Wave obscurity are unfathomable.

I plan to enjoy this...


jimmybuttons said...

alright jeffen, i'd be glad to hear what you think!!
happy new year!

Anonymous said...

One weekend in 1980 I happened to record a Rodney On The Roq show in LA, which was of course was on the world famous KROQ, and he played the song '14 or Fight' that absolutely blew me away. It wasn't until a few years ago that I actually figured out who the hell it was done by because Rodney had said it was by the Chicklets. Anyway, glad to see this finally get the attention it deserves! ~Sol

jonee said...

Thank You,

Worked at Strawberries Records, Massachusetts, in 1980 and this album was on a 2 week playlist promo. Almost got sick of it but soon realized the genius. Lost track of this record (and a couple thousand others) in the early nineties so I'm really pleased to re-discover it.

Thanks for posting, this is one great album.


jimmybuttons said...

thanx for all the comments. it really was a deserving album to post. when i posted, there was not much info anywhere on the internet. keep the comments coming!

Lou Ming said...

Although DivShare is down for the moment, you should come by my blog for the full 70s-80s Florida scene context, including some live Cichlids.

Lou Ming


jimmybuttons said...

thanx lou! here's a link to his blog post with some rare cichlids sessions!!