doughboys - a pair of live recordings and more

doughboys with wizcanada's doughboys were certainly a major force in the powerpop punk movement of the late-80s through the mid-90s. touring constantly and putting out some of the most melodic and lyrically potent albums of the genre. i've been lucky enough to catch all systems go in their early incarnation doing both doughboys and big drill car covers, a band that featured members of both aforementioned bands, but unfortunately i never caught a doughboys show. always having been a big fan of their records, this misfortune leaves me scouring the net for any infos at all, of which there are not many. with the advent of youtube, we're treated to a few videos which trickled in slowly one by one since the site's inception. a record label has acknowledged the info gap and created a website for the now defunct band, but it seems to be ill-maintained and some of it's pages are no longer working. there's also a fan-created myspace page, which seems to be somewhat more well-kept.
here we have two rare live recordings of the doughboys. the first of which was recorded by a friend of mine at the show on a hand held tape recorder. i THINK this show was at the anthrax in connecticut, but i'm not certain, so there is no other info aside from the date, which i have no way to confirm either.
the second recording i dug up over on a certain p2p file-sharing network, and have no other infos than the supposed date and location.

doughboys live 07.22.91

01 countdown
02 16 sins
03 far away
04 the forecast
05 happy home
06 what's going on
07 deep end
08 home again/you don't know me
09 intravenus de milo
10 stranger from within
11 tradition

128 CBR
File Size: 36.4 MB

doughboys live NYC 10.27.90

01 countdown
02 no way
03 far away
04 the forecast
05 happy home
06 numbered days
07 intravenus de milo
08 in my head
09 deep end
10 home again
11 you don't know me
12 i remember
13 tradition
14 i stole your love (kiss)
15 beth (kiss)
16 (s)he's a whore (cheap trick)

192 CBR
File Size: 71.9 MB

the doughboys have inspired an entire generation of bands. too numerous to name, but bands wearing the influence on their sleeves are sure to be on the better side of the pop-punk fence. two long-defunct bands i recently found, that reside on the aforementioned greener pasture, have myspace pages created but again, i'm hard-pressed for any other information about them on the internet. check out these bands, and if you have any more info, please let me know!!
shortfall - http://www.myspace.com/shortfall98
i died laughing - http://www.myspace.com/idiedlaughing


jimmybuttons said...

updated links!

MisterManiac said...

Damn...I just discovered your blog and this awesome Doughboys post, but the links are dead (again). Fan from back in the day but never saw some live recordings is driving me nuts.

Any chance you could post these again? (third times a charm).


Anonymous said...

Ditto...would love to see a re-post of these! Great band.

MisterManiac said...

Been checking back occasionally to see if you've reposted these Doughboys shows. Not sure if this blog is still active (or if these shows are even available still), but if so, would love to check them out. Thanks...

jimmybuttons said...

been busy, blog is still active yes, and i will try to re-up these and fix the links for you. i'll comment when it happens!

Johnny said...

Oh I hope you can up these soon! :) i loved the doughboys growing up! (still do!)

Reston said...

Just found this online. Any chance of a re-post for the two Doughboys shows? Know it's been a while, but if ya' still have them...