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releasing their first single in 1986, beverly hills' chemical people were one of those bands that should have been more popular than just with their cult following, while all along, cruz records labelmates ALL were already in stride morphing from the descendents, and benefiting greatly from a built-in fan base. the chems were often compared with all/descendents but maintained their own version of noodly pop/punk that evolved steadily over the course of ten years and six albums, many of which were produced/engineered by stevenson/egerton. throughout their decade or so existence, the chems have collaborated with an impressive list of VIPs on their recordings, some of which include brett gurewitz and jay bentley from bad religion, kim shattuck of the muffs, steve mcdonald of redd kross, tesco vee of the meatmen, dave smalley of DYS/ALL, and mr. chi pig from SNFU, among others. the end result was always nothing short of a fun, catchy good time on wax.

the singles collection i'm posting is a pretty good representation of the multi-faceted chemical people, and is as rare and long out of print as the singles it collects. there's some instrumental tooling, a bunch of crafty cover songs showing many of their influences (misfits, kiss, and GG allin all represented), and of course plenty of dirty-worded, bubbly/punky originals to keep even the most discerning fan's attention.



1990 2" Pecker Records CD 01 - LTD. 1000
24 Song CD
Produced by Bill Stevenson except...
Live Tracks Produced by Dave & Ed
Mastered at K Disc by John Golden
Tracks 1-4 are from the Fan Club 7". 5-8 are from X-Feminist 7". 9-12 from the Are You Butt Phace? 7". Track 13 is previously unreleased. It was recorded at Westbeach Recorders, Hollywood, CA. It was produced by Bill Stevenson, Engineered by Stephen Egerton, with Ass. Eng. by Starbolt and Donnel Cameron. 14-21 are off the Live 89' 7", and 22-24 are Previously unreleased. All the live tracks (14-24) were recorded at CBGB's on August 19th, 1989. They were mixed at Studio 9 in Hollywood, CA and Engineered by John Gilles.

Guitar, Vocals: Jaime Pina
Bass, Vocals : Ed Urlik
Drums, Vocals: Dave Naz
Vocals : Bug Phace

All The Best Things (2:10)
Aquaman (1:25)
Who Killed Marilyn (1:22)
Hate (1:19)
Overdosed (1:22)
X-Feminist (1:39)
Automatic (2:16)
Tonight, I'm Gonna Rock You (1:51)
Midnight Madness (1:20)
Shit On My Dick (0:28)
My Tattoo (1:34)
Walking Down The Street (1:24)
Bye Bye Girl (1:39)
Aqua II (1:30)
Overdosed (1:18)
Assface (1:31)
Ultramental (1:33)
Henry Whitpenn (2:20)
All The Best Things (2:00)
Find Out (1:42)
Cheri Love Affair (2:30)
Aquaman (1:23)
Old Habits (1:29)
Rip It Out (2:18)

chemical people - the singles [320 VBR]
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dave naz is a porn photographer.


jimmybuttons said...

re-up/updated link!!

Funtime Frof said...

Hate these misleading albums! Doesn't even have their first single on it (Black Throat) but they think that throwing a bunch of live stuff on there compensates!

Anonymous said...

Funtime Frof said...

'Hate these misleading albums! Doesn't even have their first single on it (Black Throat) but they think that throwing a bunch of live stuff on there compensates!'

-That's not true, arsehole. It contained: the good, the bad and the ugly, and also Henry Whitpenn.