experimental vegan pizza!!

vegan pizza 7802
the pizza was "experimental," but turned out to be fantastic.

*pre-made crust from GxEx (sorry, LAZY!)
*muir glen organic pizza sauce!!
*shredded cabbage (why not, right?)
*a blend of garbanzo/black beans mashed/crumbled
*vegan mozzy and vegan cheddar (vegan gourmet)
*vegan feta crumbled on top (can't remember the brand, might have been the sunergia kind)

350F oven for 18 minutes.  place under broiler to melt the soy cheese, or don't.
enjoy :)

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Slobodan Burgher said...

A long, long, long time ago (ok, early 1990s) I ate pizza in a scandinavian pizzeria with some half-famous sxe/vegan musicians before some sort of sxe/vegan hc concert up there; my topings: extra cheese and olives and mushrooms (yum yum), their topings: dry onion and tomato (!!!). Lol!

Ps. just starting to look at this blog - saw Speedfreaks up there, man, I know that damn film by heart! ds