cromagnon - orgasm

in the spirit of experimental pizza, i figured i might post some experimental jams you might wanna spin whilst in preparation of your tasty treats!!
cromagnon - orgasm
as legend goes, this epic psychedelic platter was written and recorded in 1968 for the ESP label by two gents who "had written a string of bubblegum hits."  the result was far from their own claim to fame, in fact, would probably lie somewhere in the territory of the direct opposite.  sometimes frightening, and along with small elements of folk, these tracks foreshadow shades of modern experimental, industrial, noise, and even black metal.  the opening track, "caledonia" is a seemingly timeless tramp through a plodding drum beat, with an eerie bagpipe line, and trance-inducing whisper-chanted vocals, which sets the tone for the rest of the record.  this is pretty much a one-of-a-kind monster, and a must-have for fans of "what the fuck!?," psych/prog madness.

tracks list:
2.Ritual Feast Of The Libido
3.Organic Sundown
5.Crow Of The Black Tree
7.Toth, Scribe I
8.First World of Bronze

download it here:
File Size: 70.94 MB