dean dirg, bill bondsmen, heath deadger @ monster house 09.27.08

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[all photos taken on my 6 year old, taped-together 2.0 megapixel digital camera]

what a completely fun show.  i'm really into three-band shows.  anything more these days it seems, exceeds my hardcore attention span.  bill bondsmen opened up with some gritty, raging hc, but these guys seemed maybe a little too light-hearted coming from blown-out detroit, perhaps they're not from detroit proper.  regardless, they put down some solid riffage that set the tone for the remainder of the evening.  dean dirg, all the way from germany, followed up with theirshort blasts of intense and catchy hardcore punk, complete with chanty choruses.  their live performance did not disappoint in the least.  they sounded pretty amazing, super tight, and somehow very close to their records.  maybe they recorded them live in a basement?!  their setlist resembled a groceries receipt, some 25-30 songs long, and they just plowed right on through it flawlessly.  heath deadger capped off the night with an unexpected tremendous debut.  born out of the bandluck band lottery earlier this year, they were pretty much the only ones to persevere the consequences.  not sure what happened to any of the other bands from the bandluck lottery, but HD certainly nailed it for what it's worth.  mickey pulls of growling vox, fronting this skate-thrash hc unit with ease.  also to their credit, starting a band in this style of music without all of the flip-cap-bandanna posturings is a very welcome gesture in my book.  kudos to a new band for columbus that seems quite promising.  let's hear a demo soon, heath deadger!


dissystema, nukkehammer, nightfall, pancreatectomie @ lod 09.22.08


nukkehammer 9899





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pancreatectomie opened the show with a killer set of disgusting medical/gore grind rounded out with a few (maybe too short) mosh parts, too bad it was their last show for a while.  demo and other releases coming soon!  nightfall were up next and fucking set the tank on steamroller.  ripping three piece dis-crust, all three members also of dissystema, who (+1) were up next and thrashed through a similar set of epic metallic crust.  nukkehammer closed the show with their scandi-bulldoze style of hardcore.

   nukkehammer recorded a face-melter of a demo, which will be released on cassette sometime soon.  in the meantime, get your fix in the mp3 format here.

vile gash @ skylab 09.20.08

vile gash 9862 by you.
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vile gash are the new chapter in columbus hardcore. if you're not offended enough by the name, try make it out to one of their shows. several extremely limited tapes available from angry andy in person, first 7" out on youth attack! records on the come up.