dissystema, nukkehammer, nightfall, pancreatectomie @ lod 09.22.08


nukkehammer 9899





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pancreatectomie opened the show with a killer set of disgusting medical/gore grind rounded out with a few (maybe too short) mosh parts, too bad it was their last show for a while.  demo and other releases coming soon!  nightfall were up next and fucking set the tank on steamroller.  ripping three piece dis-crust, all three members also of dissystema, who (+1) were up next and thrashed through a similar set of epic metallic crust.  nukkehammer closed the show with their scandi-bulldoze style of hardcore.

   nukkehammer recorded a face-melter of a demo, which will be released on cassette sometime soon.  in the meantime, get your fix in the mp3 format here.