AG Aloe - self-titled EP - hyper-frenzied japanese punk rock


AG Aloe are another one of those bands that the internet provides nothing but a black hole inside of another black hole when digging around for information.  i've had this intense little platter since it came out in '96 or '97, purchased from the all-mighty vacuum mailorder (RIP).  if you're not familiar, vacuum was probably the best mailorder for hardcore/punk back in the mid-to-late 90s.  not only did they have a large selection finely tuned to my very tastes, but they also were very VERY timely with shipment.  sometimes you wondered how it was possible to have received your order so quickly.  i could place an order (this is snail mail, mind you) on a monday, and have goods in hand, along with an updated catalogue, by thursday!!  i'm sure you could understand the addiction this quickly caused.

i first heard this wild EP when i was DJing at KDVS in davis, ca.  DJ rick had a show which showcased tons of amazing punk and hardcore, new and old, from all over the world.  i became a devoted listener.  i would often make entire orders of records i'd heard on his show, many of which he announced getting from said mailorder.  the day i heard the needle drop on this, i knew i had to have a copy.  the band played with the speed and ferocity of fingerprint, yet had the pop sensibilities and wackiness of say, action patrol.  the description in the nat records ad included inside the 7 inch says "funny & melodic HC a la flag of democracy from osaka."  nat records, out of osaka was the label that put it out. 

i do not have any further information about this band, other than this EP exists, and it rules.  if anyone has any further infos, i would love to hear about it!  enjoy!

AG Aloe - AG Aloe EP [vinyl rip]
mp3 320kbps VBR [31 MB]

01 newcomer is my boom
02 i run viewtto
03 saifu de knife
04 ni gi mi
05 sunday morning (early?)

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