photos: boom boom kid, samothrace, an albatross, and more!

too many amazing shows this week, so you get one post instead of a flurry of smaller individual posts.

boom boom kid, samothrace, empire, lose the tude @ lod 10.08.08
boom boom kid 10078 lose the 'tude! 10051

empire 10061 samothrace 10062
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an albatross @ summit station 10.07.08
an albatross 10039 an albatross 10040
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heath deadger, ignorant motherfucker @ lod 10.06.08
heath deadger 10015 ignorant motherfucker 10012
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and now having said all that, i'm off to catch lemuria, gordon gano's army, and the sidekicks at the monster house! cheers!