shotwell - geneva avenue fall out tape (1999)


shotwell are the gritty SF mission district punks that probably pack dynamite in those guitar cases of thiers, and maybe they do.

yeah, so strawman called it quits after returning from an european tour, leaving jimmy to form shotwell coho with aaron cometbus, and open up for sublime and strung out at their first show in december of 1994. since then, shotwell has seen numerous lineup changes, including the departure of aaron cometbus on drums. in one form or another, shotwell could be seen over the years, touring the nation in their leprechaun mobile home, or taking the streets back by setting up and playing guerrilla punk rock shows in the streets of the mission. it seems to me that shotwell are one of those bands who LIVE the chaos!!


i'm pretty sure i got this tape when they played cafe metropolis, in wilkes-barre, pa, perhaps in the late 90s. however, i also saw them once a few years prior to that, at the teen center/3rd + b st., in davis, ca.

shotwell - geneva avenue fall out tape [cassette rip]
mp3 320kbps VBR [31.77 MB]

01 once in a while
02 geneva avenue fall out
03 sinking the ship
04 eppli
05 cheap tragedies
06 days into days
07 half the truth
08 what it takes
09 don't need a mirror

shotwell's very lo-fi internet web site from 2001

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Anonymous said...

None of these worked for me. Is there a way you could send me a copy of the tape? Either a cassette or CDR?