the raleigh scene - 1984

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today, i discovered another very cool hardcore documentary, this one covering the scene in north carolina during 1984.

from the video description:
documentary on raleigh, north carolina hardcore punk scene produced by unknown high school student for a/v class circa 1984. featuring interviews with reed mullin [corrosion of conformity], simon bob sinister [ugly americans, corrosion of conformity], scott williams [bands too numerous to list (second coming, straight on 'zine, and most recently, double negative)], and many others. performances by battalion of saints and subculture.

see also:
Ugly Americans - Philadelphia Freedom (restless records) ‘86 via 7inchpunk
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Circle Takes The Square said...

Hey Jimmy this is awesome. Any idea if those kids went on to other bands or activist stuff?

jimmybuttons said...


as far as recent activity of those in the video, i've provided links in the post for the names mentioned in the video description on google video. i'm not familiar with the other folks interviewed, or i'd google 'em up for ya and lay the smackdown.

as far as stuff like this goes, i doubt most of these folks "grew out of it," and i'm sure they're still somehow involved.