time again for the weekly mp3 blog roundup!!

more aural fodder for punishing your eardrums. load 'em down, and load 'em up!!

Ram - Where? (In Conclusion) (1972 US Heavy Spacy Progressive)
Laghonia - Glue (1971 Peruvian Heavy Psych-Prog Rock - with bonus tracks!)
Laghonia - Et Cetera (1971 Peruvian Heavy Psych-Prog Rock - with bonus tracks!)
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Trial - Trial 7″ (1983)
Adrenalin O.D. - A Nice Song in the Key of D (Buy Our Records) 1986
Backside -s/t 7” (Backslide) 1994
Sa-Int - s/t 7″ (SA Records 001, 1986)
Sa-Int - …Sinunkin turvanasi 7″ (SA Records 002, 1987)
Valta & vastuu 7″ (SA Records 003, 1988)
Maailma ilman rajoja 7″ (SA Records 004, 1989)
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DUKES OF HAMBURG "Star Club Show 1" 1997
"Six on a Disc" Vol.1 VA 1998
"Devil's Children" - Time Machine Vol 1 VA
"GRAINS OF TIME" - Ultra Rare U.S. Sixties Garage 45’s VA (kustom-65 release)

DESCENDENTS: Two Things At Once (@)320kbps (LAME)
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Current/Indian Summer - split 7", Homemade Records No. 6, July 1993
Rye Coalition/Maximillian Colby - split 7", irony recordings 002/rent-a-records 552.002, 1998
Indian Summer - Discography (link via Burning Down The Dreams of the Forever; entitled 'Science'), 1994
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Dead Moon 'Dirty Noise' 7" (1993)
The Creation 'The Singles Collection' (1998)
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The Pop!-Down On the Boulevard
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Avengers "Died For Your Sins"
The Stalin "Mushi"
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H.P. LOVECRAFT - H.P. LOVECRAFT/ H.P. LOVECRAFT 2 – 1967/1968 (US) psychedelic/proto progressive rock
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Crass - Penis Envy
101ers - Keys To Your Heart
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Guitar Wolf - Run Wolf Run
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Effigies - Haunted Town
Effigies - We're Da Machine
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SOZZ- Patrol Car, c/w Lurch Gang 7″ (selfproduced, Switzerland, 1979)
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Too Much - Silex Pistols / Photo Photo 7inch
The Fuckin’ Flyin’ A-Heads - Swiss Cheese Back
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Prelapse - s.t.
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Lucifer - Black Mass