this week's roundup from the mp3 blogs

cheap trick - early catalogue expanded and remastered [1 2 3 4 5 6 7]
via Re-upped!
essential classic rock goodness, thousands of children were conceived to these albums.  these boys could really craft a catchy pop song!!

THE CHEIFS- s/t 7"EP (Playgems Records, USA, 1980)
via Good bad Music for bad, bad Times!
now here's a meaty slab of KBDish LA punk.  again GBMFBBT! serves up the goods!!  the comments amassed on this post are required reading, chime in if you will...

THE OFFENDERS- Lost Cause, c/w Rockin the Town 7″ (Suffering Sounds, USA, 1981)
via Good bad Music for bad, bad Times!
tribute to the recently passed mikey offender (ex-offenders, DRI, MDC), may he RIP.  yet another slammin' offering from one of the best punk blogs currently active.  had me gone digging for my offenders LP, which is still hidden somewhere among my stacks.

McRad - F.D.R.
via born in the basement
some good ol' skaterock from chuck treece and crew.  slap this on the next time you're dropping into the bowl.

GNIDROLOG – IN SPITE OF HARRY’S TOE-NAIL – 1972 (UK) progressive rock
via orexis of death
a really good mind-bender of an album if you're into shit like king crimson or jethro tull.

via Hangover Heart Attack
so what if the slits couldn't play their instruments (as the legend goes), didn't stop them from writing this absolutely amazing album of dub-influenced punk rock.  one of the most unique punk records of uk 70s.

oodles of slade [1 2 3 4]
via Re-upped!
can't resist the glammy goodness of slade.  nothing in the world like those anthemic choruses!!

a handful of post-punk and power pop
via anthems from the alleyways
Wire – On Returning, Buzzcocks – Love Bites, Mission of Burma – Signals, Calls & Marches, Alternative TV – The Radio Sessions, Gang of Four –Return the Gift, and Undertones-Undertones.  a welcome return after a trip to the virus clinic.

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