mining the blogosphere mp3 roundup

time for another installment of what the mp3 blogs have to dish up this week. let's take a look at some of the better offerings!!

Josefus - Dead Man Alive (Recorded 1969-1978 - US Heavy Psych Rock)
via heavy rock spectacular
relentless texas psych jam assault. i see many modern "stoner" bands trying to emulate this sound exactly.

ZIOR – ZIOR PLUS… - 1971 (UK) occult hard rock
via orexis of death
sometimes haunting, sometimes rocking. pretty decent for the genre. supposedly occultists, this band released a more progressive/satanic record under the name Monument. you can also get that here. and another zior album here.

DEATH- Infernal Death Demo (USA, 1985)
via good bad music for bad, bad times
i think to punk/hardcore fans, death is one of those bands (along with cannibal corpse, napalm death, and carcass) that's like the gateway drug to death metal. here you can hear death in all of their raw, brutal infancy!!

T2 - It'll All Work Out In Boomland (1970 UK Heavy Progressive - with BBC live bonus tracks)
via heavy rock spectacular
probably one of the first heavy prog records i really got into. super catchy and epic. don't sleep on this one!!

V/A EMPTY SKULLS- Compilation Tape (Fartblossom Enterprises, USA, 1984)
via good bad music for bad, bad times
mid 80s hardcore comp, featuring such major players as septic death, NOTA, no mercy, and outpatients, along with plenty of others. pushead cover art, bonus.

LIP CREAM - Kill the IBM cassette 1985
via no mates la musica, compartela
treated to a classic, and one of my faves in japanese hardcore!! get it.

RAPED TEENAGERS- Jag gillar Blommor … 7″EP (selfproduced, Sweden, 1985)
via good bad music for bad, bad times
excellent swedish hardcore punk, not discore!!

Raped Teenagers "I kräftans klor"
more from RT...

beastie boys - pollywog stew ep
via no mates la musica, compartela
before they were rappers, the beastie boys were bad brains worshipping DIY punkers, here is their first ep containing the minor "hit," egg raid on mojo.

White Flag - Thru the Trash Darkly 1982-1992 (unabridged version, 1993)
via Wilfully Obscure
glad this one popped up!! white flag sorta seem schtick-y, but i love them all the same, if not for the fact.

YDI - A Place In The Sun
via no mates la musica, compartela
"the" philly hardcore EP, now with even more "cred" from their appearance in the american hardcore doc. i think this one jumped 10x in eBay value when that film came out.

THE LITTER – 100$ FINE – 1968 (US) garage rock/heavy psych
via orexis of death
another dose of psych for you after all that sobering hardcore!! LOL.

Weirdos- Destroy All Music 7''/Dangerhouse 7''/Action Design 12"EP
via PunchDrunk
some good ol' pogo punk rock from the weirdos. sad that i missed them when they came through columbus in the past year or two. many have said it might have been the best show they've been to!!

last but not least, another early/mid 80s hardcore compilation (and strangely enough, also featuring pushead artwork!!) this time we get an international dose, featuring neos, upright citizens, olho seco, colera, terveet kadet, and rattus among others.