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hypnotics - indoor fiendshere's a record i just picked up this labor day at a little record swap at lost weekend records, which happens to be a really great place to dig if you're ever in columbus. make sure to say hi to kyle and tell him jimmy sent ya. it was a great day for an outdoor event, save for the fact that each of the vendors were scrambling for ways to keep their vinyl goodies out of the direct rays of the blazing sunlight. most of the records were your dollar bin variety, with a few exceptions. the vendor from whom i got this LP had a few substantial punk titles and was slashing HALF off the marked price. $8 after the discount was fair game for me and my $10 record buying rule. a complete steal, actually, compared to what the going rate is for this wax platter on the auction sites, and for how many want lists this shows up on in the most basic search.
i remember someone playing a cut from this album once on KDVS, a community radio station out in davis, california which i was also a DJ. mental note taken. the sounds since had escaped my knowledge, but the name stuck with me, "remember, it's not THEE HYPNOTICS..." biking my way back to south campus, album in tow, i completely expected this album to be way thrashy in DRI kind of way. i was pleasantly surprised that it was way punk rocky in a circle jerks kind of way. looking up info on this band, of which there isn't much really, most people were drawing comparisons to angry samoans. sure you got some snotty vocals here, but more in a keith morris vein than anything, if you ask me.

here's some info i've found on the band:
Founded in 1982 by Stephen Goldsmith, The Hypnotics' short career is chronicled on two LPs that provide a glimpse into the Southern California punk scene of the early 1980s. In 2000, the tracks were re-released on a CD with the title, 'Everyone Gets Their Nanosecond of Fame'.

As Enigma recording artists, The Hypnotics released 'Indoor Fiends', a 22 song barrage of white hot punk rock. The album had national distribution and the single, Weird People, received airplay in many markets.

In 1983, still under contract to Enigma, The Hypnotics' produced another LP, 'Expendables' which was never released by Enigma. However, those in the know may recall 'Jerry's on Drugs', a biting satire of Jerry Lewis which received airplay on Dr. Demento of the Westwood One Radio Network.
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and now for the part you've all been waiting for!!
hypnotics - indoor fiends [320 VBR mp3 rip from vinyl]
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