Skater Dater (1965)

allegedly this is the SECOND skateboarding film ever made, though i'm not sure what the first would be. maybe i should dig up some more info and get back to you on that one. regardless, skater dater takes us through a timeless tale of a boy, his trusty skate, his skate crew, and well, i won't mention the rest for fear of spoilers, but you get the picture. i'm stoked to have found this on the internet as i'd always wanted to see it again after the first time i saw it during the mid-90s when al sobrante brought a print of it down to sacramento, while i still lived there and showed it at old ironsides along with, if i can remember correctly, what was his collection of macaroni and cheese box collection.

the soundtrack is great surf-rock instrumental which, incidentally, can be found over at the record brother blog.
from the comments:
Skaterdater was the first soundtrack written by Mike Curb (of The Congration fame). He went on to score such classics as The Glory Stompers and Mondo Hollywood. As head of MGM Records, he initiated a purge of all acts he felt were drug-related. He went on to become the Republican Lt-Governor of California. Quite a turnaround.
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Slobodan Burgher said...

Although I can't see anything because my work computer blocks multimedia content for some reason - that description sounds amazing. Gotto see this film. Been skateboarding for over 2 decades now, and to think it was only the otehr day that I first saw such legendary footage of that 1960s girl pro-skateboarder etc. That was on YouToobe. Well, this films sounds just about right what I like.

Mike Curb? Hm, as in soundtrack for Kellys Heroes? Hehe, I love that film and listen to that soundtrack sometimes...