teenagers from wal-mars

wally world has done it again, folks. last time we had a chuckle about wal-mart's fashion faux pas, it was when t-shirts hit the shelves emblazoned with nazi propaganda. this time, we are treated to the mug of the undead's ex-misfits guitarist bobby steele silk-screened across the front of a teenager's tote with a few studs bedazzled over the image spelling out LIVE FAST ROCK ON.

from the article on bobby's blog:
Of course, these bags were made without my permission and they won't be around for very long. I'm really curious as to how they ended up with this image, since my graphic designer Jonathan created it exclusively for my solo project flyers.

it's also amusing that in the article he calls himself a "revolutionary icon," but dismisses che guevara as a mass murderer. LOLZ! LIVE FAST ROCK ON!!