genghis tron tour mar / apr 2007

time to play catch up. the last time i posted a "real" entry was back in the livejournal, in the middle of the genghis tron tour. roadie duties took priority over live-journaling, and soon i was in over my head with too many photos and entries with never enough time to update. i think i have pretty much came up with a streamlined enough system now that posting from tour should be a bit easier.
click on the photo above to check out the photo sets from said tour. everyone had a blast, it was my first tour with the genghis tron dudes, and hanging out with those southern psychedelic metal-punkers, kylesa, the entire time was a certain treat. SXSW 2007 was the insanity that it was, and you'd only understand if you've been there. highlights included seeing my friends and tourmates, an albatross play the the most raw and punk set i've ever seen them drunkenly smash through. hanging out with pony pants. turbonegro were killer despite an hour and a half or more of setup/technical difficulties before they played. jesu were about the loudest thing i'd endured all tour, nearing the border of scathing, but still in the territory of worthwile corruption of the eardrum. coliseum were fun to watch, especially their drummer. FUCKING MADMAN!! i love the fact that he has an ALL tattoo and he's so brutal on the skins. other notables i'd seen there included, but not limited to, melvins, boris, big business, and Aa.


Jose said...

Love the layout Jimmy!
It's damn HAPPY!
I've got a dreary set up here at http://area43.net

I saw a kid with a fifteen shirt the other day in midtown and thought about the time we saw them in a basement.
word booty.

jimmybuttons said...

thanx for the feedback!! i was wondering if it was just too damn busy, i admire a clean layout like yours. but i get carried away with all the sweet widgets :).
cheers dude!!

that fifteen show at the p house basement was classic!! i miss pocket change and bisybackson!!